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Tea Polyphenols

Supply Tea Polyphenols Powder from Green Tea Extract for health promotion.

We supply high quality Tea Polyphenols,we are Tea Polyphenols factory supplier,from raw materials to the production process layers of inspection, to provide customers pure Tea Polyphenols.

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Tea PolyphenolsPlant Source: Green Tea
Part Used: Leaf
Appearance: Yellow Brown Fine Powder

[Hyperlipidemia effect]
Tea polyphenols can significantly reduce the content of serum total cholesterol, triglycerides, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in hyperlipidemia, and at the same time have the effect of restoring and protecting vascular endothelial function.
[Antioxidant effect]
Tea polyphenols can block the process of lipid peroxidation and increase the activity of enzymes in the human body, thereby playing an anti-mutation and anti-cancer effect.
[Antitumor effect]
Tea polyphenols can inhibit the synthesis of tumor cell DNA and induce mutations in DNA fragmentation, thereby inhibiting the synthesis rate of tumor cells and further inhibiting the growth and proliferation of tumors.
[Bactericidal and detoxification effects]
Tea polyphenols can kill botulinum and spores, and inhibit the activity of bacterial exotoxins. It has antibacterial effect on various pathogenic bacteria that cause diarrhea, respiratory tract and skin infections.
[Hanging out and protecting the liver]
Alcoholic liver damage is mainly caused by free radical damage caused by ethanol. As a free radical scavenger, tea polyphenols have the effect of inhibiting alcoholic liver damage.
[Detoxification effect]
Severe environmental pollution has obvious toxic effects on human health. Tea polyphenols have a strong adsorption effect on heavy metals and can form complexes with heavy metals to produce precipitation, which is beneficial to reduce the toxicity of heavy metals to humans effect.
[Improve the body's immunity]
Tea polyphenols stimulate the change of antibody activity by increasing the total amount of human immunoglobulin and maintaining it at a high level, thereby improving the overall immunity of the human body and promoting the body's own conditioning function.

Description About Tea Polyphenols
Tea polyphenols are a mixture of chemical compounds, such as flavanoids and tannins, found naturally in tea. These chemical compounds are believed to be beneficial to human health, and they are the basis of many claims made about the health benefits of tea. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants, which can reduce the risk of developing coronary artery disease and a number of other health problems. Tea polyphenols found in tea have also been linked with cancer reduction.
Tea Polyphenols has the functions of lowering blood lipids; anti-oxidation; inhibiting tumors; sterilizing and detoxifying, improving the body's immunity and so on.
Detoxification and radiation effect, can effectively prevent radioactive material into the bone marrow, and can make the strontium 90 and cobalt 60 quickly out of the body, by health and medical community as bane "radiation".

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