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Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract

Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract for improve the immunity of the body and Anti-cancer.

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Turkey Tail Extract/Coriolus Versicolor Extract /Trametes Versicolor Extract/Yunzhi Extract 10:1 for sale/Manufacturer and Supplier.
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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Other name: Coriolus Versicolor Extract /Trametes Versicolor Extract/Turkey Tail Extract/Yunzhi Extract
Botanical Name: Coriolus versicoLor (L.exFr.)
Part Uaed: Fruit body/ Mycelium
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
Active ingredients: Polysaccharide, Beta D-Glucan
Test Mothod: UV
Specification: 10:1

1. It has the function of improving immunity, it is a good immune enhancer, is used in practice to support immune health after surgical treatment for various conditions
2. It has the function of protecting liver, repairing liver disease and liver necrosis
3. Owing a very strong inhibition of cancer cell activity,can be used with anti-cancer medicine can buildup effect of anti-cancer, and lighten side effect of anti-cancer medicine
4. Effectively inhibiting the formation and development of atherosclerotic
5. Coriolus versicolor can relax pain, inappetence, lost weight and tiredness of cancer

1. Used as major ingredients for all kinds of flavor food (drinks, ice cream,etc.), functional foods.
2. Used in health care products, which has the functions of enhance immune, improve memory, anti-oxidation and anti-aging.

Description About Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract
Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract is extremely delicious as well as conferring various health-giving properties and benefits. Coriolus Versicolor is rich in proteins, fats, polysaccharides, polysaccharide peptides, glucans, lignin, amino acids and various inorganic salts, as well as proteases, peroxidases, amylases, laccases and leather enzymes. Coriolus Versicolor polysaccharide Insen supply has anti-oxidation, anti-aging, nourishing qi and detoxification, antimicrobial activity in vitro, etc.
Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract is a medicinal mushroom widely prescribed for prophylaxis and treatment of cancer and infection in China. It has been extensively proved that the ingredients obtained from Coriolus versicolor display a wide array of biological activities, including stimulatory effects on different immune cells and inhibition of cancer growth.

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