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Where to buy Silibinin (Silymarin)? Silibinin Powder CAS 1265089-69-7 Supply,Price,Manufacturer on Green Stone – nutritioningredient.com.
Wholesale Pure Natural Milk Thistle Extract Powder 80% Silymarin For Liver Protection.

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Where to buy Silibinin (Silymarin)? Silibinin Powder CAS 1265089-69-7 Supply,Price,Manufacturer

Other name: Silymarin
CAS NO.: 1265089-69-7
Molecular Formula: C25H22O10
Molecular Weight: 482.441
Appearance: Light yellow powder
Specification: 80%

1. Protect liver, improve liver function, promote the secretion of bile and inflammation.
2. Strong antioxidant, can remove the body of free radicals, delay senescence.
3. Prevent alcohol, chemical toxin, heavy metal,food toxins, the environment pollution and so on of the damage to the liver, and promote the regeneration of liver cells and repair.

Description About Silibinin(Silymarin)
Silymarin is hardly soluble in water, soluble in acetone, ethyl acetate, methanol ethanol, and slightly soluble in chloroform.
Silymarin, isolated from the seeds of Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle Extract) plant, has been widely used from ancient times against various liver disorders.
Silymarin has also been found to be effective in some types of cancer. It has been reported to inhibit the hepatotoxin binding to receptor sites on the hepatocyte membrane, reduce the glutathione oxidation to enhance its level in the liver and intestine, and stimulate the ribosomal RNA polymerase and subsequent protein synthesis, leading to enhanced hepatocyte regeneration. Overall, silymarin possesses antioxidant, immunomodulatory, anticancer, antiinflammatory, antihepatoxic and some other pharmacological activities. Its effectiveness against multiple disorders makes it a very promising drug of natural origin.

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