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Roxburgh Rose Extract

Manufacturer supply natural fruit Rosa Roxburghii Extract powder.
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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Natural fruit Rosa Roxburghii Extract(Roxburgh Rose Extract) powder Manufacturer,Supply

Other Name:Rosa Roxburghii Extract
Botanical name: Rosa rozburghii T.
Part Used: Fruit
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
Specification: 10:1 20:1
Active Ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin P and SOD

1. Whitening and anti-aging
2. Nutrition and health to enhance immunity
3. Antioxidation,cancerantifatigue and enhancing immunity.
4. Preventing cancer.
5. Help digestion

Description About Roxburgh Rose Extract
Rosa Roxburghii fruit is the fruit of rosaceous plant Rosa roxburghii Tratt. The fruit full of vitamin C, so it know as king fruit of vitamin C. It is extremely high in terms of nutritive value. It used in health supplement and medicine.
Roxburgh Rose Extract is rich in vitamin C, tannin, SOD dismutase and other substances that can effectively improve skin problems, rich in vitamins for the skin whitening, light spot, and SOD has the effect of removing human free radicals!
Roxburgh Rose Extract is rich in vitamin C, K, P1, P2, carotene, etc., rich in protein and amino acids as well as a large number of trace elements, which can rapidly enhance immunity and enhance health, and is indispensable to the baby.

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