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Potato Extract

Free sample Potato Extract 90% Potato Protein Powder for health products.
What is potato extract used for? Potato extract benefits for your skin and dietary Supplement

We supply high quality Potato Extract,we are Potato Powder factory supplier,from raw materials to the production process layers of inspection, to provide customers pure Potato Extract.
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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Botanical Name: Solanum tuberosum L.
Specification: 90% Potato Protein Powder
Part Used: whole plant
Appearance: Light Yellow Fine Powder
Active Ingredient: Protein

1. Antioxidation, antimutation and liver protection.
2. Strengthen body physiques.
3. Lose weight and fit, and even anticancer.
4. Improves Blood Circulations.
5. Removes blemishes and dark spots.
6. Improves Digestion.

Description About Potato Extract
Potato extract contain a lot of starch, can provide rich heat for the human body, and rich in protein, amino acids and a variety of vitamins,minerals, especially its vitamin content is the most complete of all food crops, in Europe and the United States, especially in North America, potato has long become the second staple food.
Potato extract is pure protein concentrate, having a variety of balanced amino acid composition, and a high nutritional value. Potato protein is a kind of potential health food. Potato extract is rich in protein, crude fiber, carbohydrate, provide a nutritional elements for humans. Potato protein contains a lot of stick body protein, and gluing body protein is a mixture of more than one kind of glycoproteins, which can prevent cardiovascular system of fat deposition, maintain the elasticity of the arteries, prevent atheromatous premature, also can prevent the atrophy of the connective tissue in the liver and kidney, keep the respiratory and digestive tract lubrication. Prevention and control of potato protein and sweet potato protein can collagen vascular diseases. Potato protein is a kind of to the elderly invaluable health food, and have important physiological function of health care.

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