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Health Supplement Theacrine Powder benefits for Pre-workout Sports Nutrition, Improving Sleep,Improving Energy, Memory, Mood, Focus & Motivation, Relieving Inflammation & Pain.

Factory Supply High Purity Theacrine(Tetramethyluric Acid) CAS 2309-49-1,We are Theacrine manufacturer supply,we supply nutrition ingredients to the production process layers of inspection, to provide customers pure the product.

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Other names: 1,3,7,9-Tetramethyluric acid; Temurin; Temorine; Tetramethyluric Acid; Tetramethyl Uric Acid
CAS No.: 2309-49-1
Molecular Formula: C9H12N4O3
Molecular Weight: 224.2166
Purity: 99% min
Appearance: White powder

Factory Supply High Purity Theacrine(Tetramethyluric Acid) CAS 2309-49-1

1. Improving Mood, Help with Depression
2. Muscle strength
3. Improve Focus, Memory & Motivation
4. Reduces Stress And Anxiety
5. Decrease Cholesterol
6. May Reduce Inflammation & Pain
7. Pre-Workout, Increasing Energy​
8. Could Induce Thermogenesis And Facilitate Fat Burning
9. Anti-oxidation, reducing fatigue, improving cognition, improving sleep, and improving lipid metabolism.

Pre-workout Supplement, Improving sleep,Anti-inflammatory

Theacrine VS Caffeine
What makes theacrine truly unique is how it differs from caffeine. Theacrine:
* Has a longer half-life
* Has no effect on blood pressure
* Is less likely to disrupt sleep compared to caffeine
* Has reduced tolerance
Theacrine is commonly found in sports supplements like preworkout formulas. Manufacturers used theacrine for the caffeine-like effects without the unwanted side effects of caffeine.

Description About Theacrine
Theophylline is a brukerine alkaloid found in the leaves of wild bitter tea Hung T. Chang). The ingredient does not have the voice of caffeine, which can promote the human body. Emotional and energy cycle.
Theacrine is a small alkaloid molecule that is essentially a structurally modified version of caffeine – but with less tolerance. The chemical is actually synthesized from caffeine in certain plants. These plants then accumulate theacrine, which gives us natural theacrine sources.
Theacrine stimulates the effects of dopamine to revitalize people, not through external effects. The effect of destruction is that people's mood is improved and anxiety is alleviated. People may experience anxiety and nervousness after they come to coffee.
A couple of human studies suggest that theacrine may increase mental clarity, boost energy, and improve mood and motivation.
People take theacrine by mouth for aging, the common cold, fatigue, and mental performance. Theacrine is also added to pre-workout supplements promoted for improving athletic performance.
Theacrine is usually mixed with other ingredients to process to be ready-to-eat products in form like: dietary supplement (capsule / tablet), energy drink or powder.

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