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Tannase Enzyme

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Cas NO.: 9025-71-2
Appearance: Light yellow powder
Grade: Food Grade

1 Instant Tea Industry: The product can prevent the cold turbidity and sedimentation of tea beverages, improve the extraction rate of tea, maintain color and remove bitterness.
2 Beer Industry: The Product can remove tannins and proteins from beer to make it clear and transparent.
3.Persimmon or Other Food Industry: The product can remove the astringency of persimmons to make the taste better.

Juice, tea beverage and beer industry

Tannase Enzyme Production
The production of tannase can adopt two methods: solid fermentation and liquid submerged fermentation. Although the equipment requirements for solid fermentation are relatively simple and easy to promote, its disadvantage is that it is easy to contaminate miscellaneous bacteria; Liquid submerged fermentation is relatively easy to control, not easy to contaminate miscellaneous bacteria, and has high production efficiency. The research and production of tannase mostly adopts the method of liquid submerged fermentation.

Description About Tannase Enzyme
Tannase is a tannyl hydrolase that reacts to acids with two phenolic groups,such as tannic acid with hydrolysis.The enzyme can be produced by molds such as Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus oryzae. It can hydrolyze the ester bond and depamine carboxyl bond in gallic acid tannin to generate gallic acid and glucose. Tannase can be used to treat tannin and protein in beer to make it clear and transparent, to remove the astringency of persimmons and other products, and to make instant tea to prevent turbidity of fermented tea. Tannase is used in tea beverage industry to prevent cold turbidity, improve extraction rate, maintain color and improve taste.
Tannase is widely used in tea beverage industry to prevent cold turbidity, improve extraction rate, maintain color and improve taste. How to adopt more efficient methods to cultivate high-yielding strains and extract tannase solution to reduce costs is the main content of tannase research. In addition, if the tannase acts in the state of a water-soluble enzyme, the enzyme is mixed with the substrate and the product in the entire reaction system, and it is difficult to recycle. Finding a suitable carrier, immobilizing the enzyme, and realizing the pipeline, continuous and automation of the enzyme reaction process will further reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency.


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