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Tabebuia Avellanedae Extract

Factory Supply Tabebuia Avellanedae Extract/Pau d’Arco Extract Powder/Tabebuia Avellanedae Bark Extract 10:1 for cancer.

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Factory Supply Tabebuia Avellanedae Extract/Pau d’Arco Extract Powder

Other Name: Tabebuia Avellanedae Bark Extract; Pau D'Arco Extract
Specification: 10:1
Part Used: Bark
Appearance: Brown fine powder
Active Ingredients: lapachol,beta-lapachon,quercetin

1. Traditionally used for promoting immune health;
2. Help support healthy intestinal flora;
3. Treat various inflammatory and infectious diseases;
4. Used to treat cancer;

Description About Tabebuia Avellanedae Extract
Tabebuia Avellanedae, commonly know as "pau d'arco" in Brazil.Tabebuia Avellanedae Extract has antibacterial, antifungal, immune activating, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, tonic and antitumor effects.
Tabebuia Avellanedae Extract mainly contains naphthoic acid (lapaol), allium quinone, coumarin, flavonoids, cycloalkene ethers and carnosol.
Tabebuia Avellanedae Extract is used to treat a variety of inflammatory and infectious diseases, including viral infections such as chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgia encephalomyelitis. It is also very successfully used to treat cancer such as leukemia. The bark has antibiotic activity and the inner bark has immunostimulatory properties. It is used to treat various inflammations. It is most used as herbal medicine for overgrowth of the fungal species Candida in the digestive system.
The Incas, Brazilian Caravayans, and other indigenous South American people used this product as a panacea for a variety of ailments such as trauma, fever, dysentery, and enteritis. It is also used to treat certain cancers and snakebites. Due to the large amount of active ingredients, this product is used by practicing doctors not only in South America but all over the world. As an important natural antibiotic, this product can treat bacterial and viral infections. Such as nasal, solar, throat infections. It can be used for chronic diseases such as myalgia encephalomyelitis, fungal infections such as ringworm and candida infections, It can also be used to relieve inflammation, especially gastrointestinal inflammation. It is effective for cystitis, cervicitis and prostatitis.


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