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Where to buy Sulforaphane extract? Factory Supply Sulforaphane Cas 4478-93-7 10% Broccoli Extract Powder With Top Quality.
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Sulforaphane benefits for Anti-cancer/Weight loss supplement.

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Where to buy Sulforaphane extract? Factory Supply Sulforaphane Cas 4478-93-7 10%

Other Name: Sulphoraphane
Source: Broccoli Extract
CAS NO.: 4478-93-7
Molecular Weight: 177.29
Molecular Formula: C6H11NOS2
Specification: 10%
Test Method: HPLC/UV
Appearance: Yellow brown Powder

1. Can be used for clearing the harmful bacteria of lungs,promote lung health;
2. Protective against cardiovascular disease;
3. Has the function of anti-inflammatory and relieving pain from arthritis;
4. Is a detoxifier, and to contribute to the integrity offcells, promoting the body's immune defense systems for overall health and well being;
5. Can be used for anti-cancer, help the body create cancer-fighting compounds,has been shown to reduce the ability of cancerous cells to multiply;
6. Is an antioxidant supplement,slowing aging by activating heat-shock proteins;
7. Increasing glutathione as an Nrf2 activator, which then supports over 200 genes. These genes prompt cells to create their own antioxidants, reducing oxidative stress;
8. Blood sugar regulation,some studies suggest that sulforaphane can help regulate blood sugar levels, especially in people with diabetes;
9. Promoting weight loss,helps fight obesity by changing energy consumption in the body and by improving gut flora;

Description About Sulforaphane
Sulforaphane is a sulfur-rich compound which is found in many cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli, kale, cabbage and watercress ,but broccoli has the most.
Sulforaphane is a common antioxidant and the most potent anticancer plant active found in vegetables.
Studies have shown that sulforaphane can protect DNA by modulating carcinogen metabolizing enzymes and blocking the action of mutagens; inhibiting cell proliferation and inducing apoptosis, thereby delaying or eliminating clonal expansion of initial, transformed or tumor cells; Inhibits the formation of new blood vessels and prevents the progression of benign tumors to malignant tumors and metastasis to form tumors. The relationship between sulforaphane and tumor has also become a hot spot in oncology and nutrition research.
In addition to anti-tumor effects, sulforaphane also has anti-oxidative damage,improve immunity, and antibacterial effects, and can effectively improve obesity and alleviate diabetes-related diseases. In addition, experiments have shown that sulforaphane has a good neuroprotective effect and can improve the nerve damage caused by Alzheimer's disease (AD) to a certain extent.

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