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Sodium Alginate

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Source: Algae
CAS NO.: 9005-38-3
Molecular Formula: C5H7O4COONa
Appearance: Milky white to light yellow powder
Purity: 99%

1. As a thickener for beverages and dairy products, sodium alginate has unique advantages in thickening: the good fluidity of sodium alginate makes the drink taste smooth after adding it; and it can prevent the viscosity drop in the process of product disinfection .
2. Sodium alginate is a high-grade stabilizer for ice cream and other cold drinks. It can make ice cream and other cold drinks have a smooth appearance and a silky taste. Since calcium alginate can form a stable thermally irreversible gel, it will not become rough (ice crystal growth) during transportation and storage, and will not deform ice cream due to temperature fluctuations; at the same time, this ice cream has no peculiar smell when eaten, It not only improves the expansion rate but also improves the melting point, so that the quality and benefit of the product are significantly improved. The taste of the product is smooth, delicate and good in taste. The amount added is relatively low, generally 1-3%, and the amount added abroad is 5-10%.
3. Sodium alginate is used as a stabilizer for dairy products and beverages. The stable frozen milk has a good taste, no stickiness and stiffness, and it is viscous and sluggish when stirred.
4. Sodium alginate can be used as a self-setting agent for bread icing, stuffing, dessert coating, canned food, etc. It can still maintain its original shape in high temperature, freezing and acidic medium. It can also be used instead of agar to make elastic, non-sticky, transparent crystal jellybeans.

Description About Sodium Alginate
Sodium alginate is extracted and refined from kelp and seaweed, and it is off-white to milky white powder. It is characterized by good water solubility, strong water absorption, high whipping foaming rate, and irreversible gel formation with calcium ions, and the time and strength of gel formation can be controlled by the amount and speed of calcium ions added. It can well maintain the formation of soft ice cream and prevent volume shrinkage. It is a natural high-quality soft ice cream stabilizer. It is generally used in combination with guar gum and CMC.
Sodium alginate has the functions of anticoagulation, lowering blood fat and lowering blood viscosity. It is a kind of natural polysaccharide, which has the stability, solubility, viscosity and safety required for pharmaceutical preparation excipients.

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