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Red Yeast Rice Extract

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Botanical Name: Monascus Purpureus Went
Specification: 5%
Active Ingredients: Lovastatin (Monacolin K)
Appearance: Light red powder

(1) Promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis;
Red yeast rice can be used to assist in the treatment of red and white diarrhea, bruises, postpartum lochia and other symptoms, and has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.
(2) Digestion and blood circulation, can strengthen the spleen and dry the stomach;
Red yeast rice has the effect of strengthening the spleen and digestion, and can be used to assist in the treatment of indigestion, abdominal distension and other symptoms. Therefore, friends with poor stomach and frequent indigestion can often eat red yeast rice to improve stomach and intestinal function.
(3) Lower blood pressure and lipids;
Red yeast rice is also a good news for people with three highs. Red yeast rice has a strong effect of lowering total cholesterol and has a significant comprehensive effect on vascular problems.
Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people can properly take red yeast rice to prevent and treat a series of complications such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
(4) Enhance immunity;
Red yeast rice can enhance immunity, increase the production of antibodies, and enhance the function of T cells, so as to achieve the effect of enhancing immunity, so it can be eaten by young and old.
(5) Tonic for blood;
Red yeast rice has the function of nourishing blood. Red yeast rice is rich in many nutrients, of which iron is the most abundant, so eating red yeast rice regularly has the effect of nourishing blood and preventing anemia.
(6) Anti-cancer effect;
Red yeast rice has anti-cancer properties. Pantothenic acid, vitamin E, glutathione acid and other substances contained in red yeast rice have the effect of inhibiting carcinogens.

1. Food Coloring;
It has strong tinting power to protein, so it is often used as a food coloring pigment.
2. Food Supplement & Food Preservative;
It has been used for making rice wine and to preserve and enhance the taste and color of foods, including meat, fish, and soybean products.
3. Health Care Supplement;
As raw materials of healthcare for lowering blood pressure and Alzheimer's

Description About Red Yeast Rice Extract
Red yeast rice extract is prepared by using red yeast rice as raw material, using solvent extraction method and ethanol as extraction solvent. The appearance is red powder. The active ingredients mainly include lovastatin, monacolin, ergosterol, Gamma-aminobutyric acid, carotene, amylase, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and other substances. The red yeast rice extract has high medicinal value, is non-toxic, has no side effects, and has high safety. It is a food coloring agent and a raw material for health care products.
Red yeast rice can help lower cholesterol and prevent iron deficiency anemia. Red yeast rice contains monasomycin K, which can prevent cholesterol production to a certain extent, help lower blood pressure, and also have the effect of lowering blood lipids. In addition, red yeast rice is rich in nutrients, especially iron. Therefore, it has an ideal blood replenishing effect, and at the same time can reduce the possibility of iron deficiency anemia.

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