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Quinoa Peptide

Manufacturer Supply Food Grade Quinoa Peptide Powder 99% | Off-white powder | Quinoa Polypeptide | Peptide.

Find Quinoa Peptide pirce from Green Stone.Quinoa Peptide is a good health product needed to improve immunity.

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Manufacturer Supply Quinoa Peptide Powder 99% | Off-white powder | Quinoa Polypeptide | Peptide

Source: Chenopodium quinoa willd
Other Name: Quinoa Polypeptide
Appearance: Off-white powder
Purity: 99%

1. Small molecular weight
2. Strong efficacy, high specificity, with a variety of biologically active peptides
3, Easy to absorb, the absorption rate is nearly all
4. Fast absorption speed and low energy consumption

1. Antioxidant activity;
2. Lose weight;
3. Regulate human endocrine;
4. Improve sleeping;
5. Prevent type 2 diabetes;
6. Protect cardiovascular;
7. Help the body, turn off sugar metabolism, turn on fat metabolism;
8. Help restore cellular immunity and metabolism, improve the body's basal metabolism and detoxification functions;
9. Improve the body's immunity and resistance;

1. Food;
2. Healthcare products;
3. Functional food;

Description About Quinoa Peptide
Quinoa peptide is powdered solids which are processed from quinoa rice as raw material, through the processes of raw material mixing, enzymatic hydrolysis, separation, membrane filtration, concentration, sterilization, drying, and packaging. Compared with traditional quinoa protein, its relative molecular mass is less than 1000 Daltons, so it can be absorbed by the body more quickly and utilized by the body more efficiently. In addition, quinoa peptide has a variety of biological activities.
Quinoa peptide uses quinoa protein to obtain small molecular peptides with protein functional properties through microbial directed enzymatic hydrolysis. Quinoa peptide has good water solubility, small molecules, high purity and good absorption. It is very suitable for making health food (solid beverage, tablet candy, liquid beverage, meal replacement powder, etc.).
Quinoa peptide is a peptide with various biological activities, which can improve immunity, resist high blood pressure, and resist cancer. And the rich nutrients in quinoa peptide can provide energy for the body, enhance body functions, repair physique, improve immunity, regulate the body's endocrine, quinoa peptide can be effective adjuvant therapy, and have a certain sense of satiety, can lose weight. plastic body.
Quinoa peptide has a variety of human metabolism and physiological regulation functions, which are easy to digest and absorb, promote the body to speed up metabolism, and let the things you eat into the stomach speed up the burning and consumption, thereby eliminating the body.

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