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Hot Sell Antioxidiant Pterostilbene Powder 90% CAS No: 537-42-8.
Manufacturer Supply Pterostilbene Extract Powder from Green Stone.

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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CAS No: 537-42-8
Molecular Formula : C1H16O3
Molecular Weight :256.30
Specification: 99% by HPLC
Appearance: White Powder

Treating Alzheimer's disease,anti-tumor ,anti-inflammation,lowering blood lipids and cholesterol

Description About Pterostilbene
Pterostilbene, as a dimethylated stilbenoid derivative of resveratrol,belongs to the group of phytoalexins protecting plants against pathogens and infections.Naturally, pterostilbene usually exists in many plants and fruits like pterocarpus marsupium, anogeissus acuminate, rheum rhaponticum,almond,peanuts, blueberries, cranberries and grapes.Pterostilbene diverse pharmacological activities, which include cancer prevention, a cholesterol-lowering effect, enhanced insulin sensitivity, and increased life span.” Yes,Modern researchers have proved the benefits of Pterostilbebe in antioxidant,cognitive enhancement,cholesterol-lower,diabetes,blood sugar control.it shows out its important research value and good prospects.
Pterostilbene (trans-3,5-dimethoxy-4-hydroxystilbene) is a natural dietary compound and the primary antioxidant component of blueberries. It has increased bioavailability in comparison to other stilbene compounds, which may enhance its dietary benefit and possibly contribute to a valuable clinical effect.

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