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Prickly Pear Extract

Factory Supply Prickly Pear Extract/Pear Cactus Extract Powder 10:1/Prickly Pear Extract Benefits.

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Other Name: Pear Cactus Extract
Botanical Name: Opuntia littoralis var. vaseyi
Part used: Fruit
Appearance: Brown yellow fine powder
Specification: 10:1

1. Have anti-inflammatory effects,have an inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus, Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereu;
2. Has the function of promoting blood circulation and lowering blood pressure;
3. May aid weight loss by binding to dietary fat, increasing its excretion and reducing energy absorption;
4. Help prevent liver injury caused by chronic alcohol consumption by enhancing antioxidant status and preventing oxidative damage triggered by alcohol;
5. Helpful for managing blood sugar levels and improving blood fat levels,and can effectively improve the type 2 diabetes patients with glucose metabolism;

1. Applied in food field, it contains a lot of nutrients, which can help body with better health care.
2. Applied in health supplement field, there are various forms existed, such as tablets,capsules and powder, these can prevent various of diseases.

Description About Prickly Pear Extract
Prickly Pear Extract contains vitamin C, so it know as king fruit of vitamin C, It is extremely high in terms of nutritive value.
Prickly pears also contain many beneficial plant compounds, including phenolic acids, flavonoids, and pigments, which act as antioxidants.The product is brown yellow fine powder and has the function of losign weight, lowering blood sugar, resisting against bacteria and anti-inflammatory.Prickly Pear Extract has been used as a healthy supplements because rosa roxburghii tratt is rich in ascorbic acid, vitamin E and contains biologically active components such as superoxide dismutase.
Prickly pear also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially in the seeds and peel, which play a role in skin and hair health.
Prickly Pear Extract contains a substance which is called tartaric acid, can inhibit the growth of fat.Prickly Pear Extract could help regulate the secretion function of human body and regulate lipase,promote the rapid decomposition of excess fat, and can effectively prevent the absorption of fat in the intestine, inhibit the synthesis of fat in the liver.

Factory Supply Prickly Pear Extract/Pear Cactus Extract Powder 10:1/Prickly Pear Extract Benefits

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