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Pine Pollen Extract

Wholesale Pine Pollen Extract powder for health care supplement.
Pine Pollen Extract has been discovered as heathy nutritient for human body. It has excellent anti-fatigue and antioxidant properties and it can help improve immunity.

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Latin Name: Pinus massoniana pollen
Part used: Flower
Specification: 20:1
Appearance: Light yellow powder

1) Protect the heart, prevent vascular system diseases;
2) Eliminate fatigue, improve sexual function;
3) Beauty and skin care, anti-agin;
4) Improve immunity;
5) Prevent diabetes prevention prostatosis;
6) Improve digestion, increase appetite, overcome constipation;
7) Relieve menopause symptoms;
8) Improve memory;
9) Promoting Healthy Child Development;
10) Improve Male Sexual;

Health, sub-health population and patients for building up health, supplement of nutrients and recovery improvement;
100% pure pine pollen is applicable for diabetes;
Can also be used externally with certain effect for elderly patients suffering from utaneous pruritus.

Description About Pine Pollen Extract
Pine pollen extract powder contains protein, amino acid, saccharides, lipids, vitamins,flavonoid compounds and various minerals. It is mainly consumed directly as nutritional supplement, and it can also be made into capsules or tablets.
Pine pollen extract can be used as a natural miniature nutritional reservoir. Pine pollen extract has the function of antifatigue. Pine pollen extract helps delay senility and reduce acne. Pine pollen extract also helps promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, stomachic and digestion. Moreover, pine pollen extract promotes liver cell activity, makes bile secretion and prevents the happening of liver diseases.
Pine pollen extract can be used in improving immunity, memory and digestion, relieving menopause symptoms, increasing appetite and overcoming constipation. Pine pollen extract helps prevent diabetes, protect heart, and prevent vascular system diseases. Pine pollen extract also has the function of eliminating fatigue and anti-aging.

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