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Pea Peptide

Pea Peptide Factory Supply Nutrition Supplement with Anti-aging, Digestion Support & Cleaning Waste.
Wholesale Price Pea Peptide Powder specification: 20,000 FU/g.

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Apperance: White or light yellow powder
Specification: 20,000 FU/g

Main Function:
1. Regulate the intestinal flora, promote the probiotic growth.
2. Regulate the bacterial flora in small intestinal.
3. Antibacterial activity.
4. Anti-inflammatory effect.
5. Blood Health
6. Anti-aging
7. Improve Immunity
8. Digestion Support
9. Anti-fatigue

Description About Pea Peptide
Pea Peptide extracted from plant, natural and heathy without additives ,rich in a variety of amino acids for human body
Pea peptide is a small molecule oligopeptide obtained by using pea protein as a raw material and utilizing the bio-complexation directed enzymatic cleavage technique. Insen pea peptide contains 8 amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize by itself,and their ratio is close to the recommended mode of FAO/WHO. The good efficacy and excellent functional properties of the polypeptide make pea polypeptide widely used in food and health care products.
Nutritional health products: high nutritional value, fortified protein, and can be developed into health foods with different functions. In addition, the PH value of pea peptide is neutral, no bitter taste, and low price. It is added together with milk protein peptide. It is not only nutritionally reasonable, but also easy to accept in terms of cost. It is expected to be used in Food and childcare formulating milk powder.

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