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Oyster Peptide

Supply Oyster Peptide Powder from oyster extract for men sexual enhancement.

Were to buy Oyster Peptide Powder?We supply high quality Oyster Peptide,we are Oyster Peptide factory supplier,from raw materials to the production process layers of inspection, to provide customers pure Oyster Peptide.

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Source: Oyster Meat
Appearance: Light yellow powder

Main Benefits
1. Can effectively improve the serum testosterone level, enhance male sexual function,improving sexual function:
Oyster Oligopeptide retains original nutrients, contains rich male essential nutrients, including biological zinc, selenium, arginine, taurine and so on, has the extremely vital role to the male function health care.
2.Improving immunity and promote metabolism effect:
Oyster Peptide can increase the relative weight of immune organs and the content of Serum Hemolysin, and can increase antibody-producing cells and delayed allergic reaction. The Oyster polysaccharide contained in the oyster oligopeptide can enhance the immunity of the body and inhibit the proliferation of influenza virus.
3. Enhance physical ability and anti-fatigue effect:
4. Lowering blood lipid and blood pressure,improve the symptoms of hyperglycemia effect:
Oyster Peptide has-glucosidase inhibitory activity, showing the effect of Lowering Blood Glucose. The Oyster Peptide contains ACE inhibitory peptide, which has the effect of lowering blood pressure.
5. Antioxidation effect:
Oyster Peptide has a certain reduction capacity, with significant anti-oxidation capacity.
6.Liver protection effect:
7. Improving learning and memory function:
Oyster Peptide can improve learning and memory function of normal mice and scopolamine-induced impairment, and its mechanism of action may be closely related to scavenging free radicals and reducing oxidative damage of brain tissue, in addition, it can promote the growth and proliferation of PC12 cells, and can protect and repair PC12 cells damaged by H2O2.
8. Anti-tumor effect:

Oyster Peptides have special physiological activities in anti-oxidation, hypoglycemic, anti-tumor and anti-Angiotensin-converting enzyme activity, it is suitable for people with kidney deficiency, body deficiency and fatigue, low immunity, sub-health and post-operation crowd. It can be used in functional food, special medical diet food, sports products and so on.

Description About Oyster Peptide
Oyster Peptide is the peptide molecular biotechnology applied to the oyster processing process, through enzymatic hydrolysis to produce oyster peptide. The resulting small molecular oligopeptides retain all the original vitamins, micronutrient and Taurine, allowing the nucleic acid rich oyster to be absorbed more quickly than a single amino acid or protein, more easily absorbed by the body, in human metabolism has a more important biological activity, can effectively improve the level of testosterone in men.
Oyster Peptide contains not only rich protein, vitamins, trace elements with appropriate proportion and taurine.Oyster Peptide can be kind of nutritional supplements, not only can be quickly absorbed by body , and also promote the absorption of protein amino acid and sugar.

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