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Where to buy Niacin? Factory supply 99% Niacin/Nicotinic acid/Bionic/Vitamin B3/Vitamin PP Powder B3 Cas 59-67-6.

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Other Name: Nicotinic acid;Bionic;Vitamin B3;Vitamin PP
CAS NO.: 59-67-6
Molecular Weight: 123.1094
Molecular Formula: C6H5NO2
Density: 1.293g/cm3
Melting Point(℃): 234-238℃
Boiling Point(℃): 292.5°C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point(℃): 130.7°C
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Purity: 99%

1. Promote growth and development
2. Affect the hematopoietic process, promote iron absorption and blood cell production,
3. For the central nervous system, mainly to improve the excitability of the central nervous system,
4. Protect the cardiovascular system.
5. The secretion of digestive glands, promote the health of the digestive system, reduce gastrointestinal disorders;
6. Anti-aging, maintain the normal function of the skin, make the skin healthier;
7. Prevent and relieve severe migraine;
8. Promote blood circulation and lower blood pressure;
9. Lower cholesterol

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Description About Niacin
Niacin and its derivative nicotinamide belong to the vitamin B series of compounds, which are indispensable nutrients in the human body and play an important role in promoting the normal growth and development of the human body. It is one of the 13 essential vitamins for the human body, and it is a water-soluble vitamin belonging to the vitamin B family. Niacin is abundant in animal liver and kidney, milk, eggs, bran and fresh vegetables.
Niacin can be converted into nicotinamide in the human body, which is involved in the synthesis of coenzyme I and coenzyme II, and plays an important role in lipid metabolism, oxidation of tissue respiration and anaerobic decomposition of carbohydrates in the body.
Niacin belongs to the vitamin B family and participates in the lipid metabolism, oxidation process and anaerobic decomposition process of the human body. Niacin can be converted from tryptophan in the body. The human body is generally not prone to niacin deficiency. However, when the staple food does not contain niacin, or there is a substance that decomposes niacin in the staple food, it is easy to cause niacin deficiency. Rough skin disease. As a result, niacin is widely used in pasta processing, dairy and corn flour production. Adding a certain amount of niacin to food can effectively prevent the occurrence of such diseases.
The human body needs niacin to prevent pellagra. In addition, niacin has the effect of lowering cholesterol levels and preventing heart disease. When the human body cannot produce enough niacin, it is necessary to choose niacin nutritional supplements.
Niacin promotes digestive health and reduces gastrointestinal disturbances, while also promoting healthier skin, preventing and relieving severe migraines, improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, and relieving diarrhea.


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