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Buy Naringinase Enzyme/CAS 9068-31-9/Naringinase Supplier and Manufacturer.

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Buy Naringinase Enzyme/CAS 9068-31-9/Naringinase Supplier and Manufacturer

CAS NO.: 9068-31-9
Appearance: White Powder
Assay: 99%min
Specification: Enzyme activity 50,000 U/g

Function and Application
1. It is mainly used for debittering the juice, pulp and peel of grapefruit and bitter orange;
2. Improve the flavor of wine;
3. Improve the aroma components of beverages and produce food additives;

Description About Naringinase Enzyme
Naringinase is an enzyme that can hydrolyze naringin to form naringin and play a debittering effect. It is composed of β-rhamnosidase and β-glucosidase. Naringinase is first hydrolyzed into rhamnose and pruning by β-rhamnosidase; the latter is then hydrolyzed by β- glucosidase into all grapefruit without bitterness and astringency. The commonly used naringinase producing bacteria are Aspergillus Niger, Aspergillus oryzae and some species of Penicillium.
Color and properties of naringinase: naringinase is soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol. Naringinase can decompose citrus bitter components into odorless nourin and pomelo.
Naringinase is widespread in nature. Naringinase can be used in the biotransformation of steroids, antibiotics, mainly in the hydrolysis of glycosides. Naringinase is used in the food industry to debitter the juice, pulp and peel of grapefruit and bitter oranges.
The application of naringinase in food can improve the aroma components of beverages and produce food additives, hydrolyze naringin and limonin in citrus juice to remove the bitterness in citrus juice, so as to make citrus juice sweet and sour, The taste is pleasant. The principle is to increase the flavanols in the fruit by hydrolyzing the flavonoid glycosides and glycosides in the beverage, thereby improving the functional properties of the fruit. It is also the key enzyme in the hydrolysis and debitterization reaction of naringinase. This hydrolysis effect It has a wide range of applications in beverages, so it can be used in the food industry to improve the aroma components in beverages, including orange juice, green tea, blackcurrant juice, etc., and can also hydrolyze hesperidin to produce sweetener precursors. To obtain new polymer components to improve the rheological properties of food, it has important applications in the production of food additives.

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