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Panicum Miliaceum Extract

Wholesale Price Millet Extract/Millet Seed Extract/Panicum Miliaceum Extract Powder.

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Other Name: Millet Extract; Panicum Miliaceum Extract
Botanical Name: Panicum miliaceum L.
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
Specification: 10:1
Active Ingredients: Millet Oligopeptide,Methionine

1. Prevent the rise of cholesterol and blood lipids;
2. Nourishes blood, has a certain conditioning effect on iron-deficiency anemia;
3. Lose weight;
4. Liver and kidney support;

Description About Panicum Miliaceum Extract
Panicum Miliaceum Extract is very rich in protein. The protein also contains gliadin, gluten, globulin and albumin. The content is much higher than that of japonica rice. Its starch content is not as high as that of japonica rice, and its fat content is higher than that of wheat and rice. To be higher, it also contains linoleic acid, palmitic acid and so on. Millet also contains ash and crude fiber, and it is very good to eat some properly.
Panicum Miliaceum Extract can play a role in supplementing body nutrition. The calories in it are still very high. After eating, you can replenish energy. Millet is also rich in dietary fiber and vitamins. It also contains a variety of amino acids. It is because of these material, so it can provide the energy needed by the body.
Panicum Miliaceum Extract can also play a role in lowering blood pressure. It contains very rich trace elements, the content of potassium is also very high, and there are many other nutrients. The content of sodium is not very high. After eating, it can make blood pressure very high. If it falls down quickly, it also contains phosphorus and iron, and the effect of nourishing blood is good. When the problem of iron deficiency anemia occurs, you can eat some millet to adjust.
Panicum Miliaceum Extract can achieve weight loss. Although it contains a lot of fat, it will not accumulate in the body under the action of dietary fiber, and most of it contains unsaturated fatty acids, which can decompose excess fat. It is excreted as waste from the body, so eating some millet properly can achieve a good weight loss effect.

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