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Metallothionein (MT)

Factory Supply Metallothionein (MT) Powder Cas 73767-16-5 98% from Rabbit Liver.

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Botanical Source: Rabbit Liver
CAS NO.: 73767-16-5
Appearance: Off-white powder
Specification: 98%

1. Free radical scavenging
2. Detoxification of heavy metals
3. Remove heavy metals
4. Anti-radiation
5. Participate in cell differentiation
6. Protect nerve cells
7. Repair damaged brain cells

Description About Metallothionein (MT)
Metallothionein has many roles. Metallothionein is a low molecular weight protein rich in cysteine and metals. Because it combines a large number of metal ions and has special physiological functions, it has attracted extensive attention in the field of biochemistry. However, metallothionein is mainly used clinically in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and tumors.
Metallothionein is a low molecular weight protein with metal binding capacity and high inducibility properties. A cysteine-rich short peptide with a high affinity for various heavy metals. It is a low molecular weight protein with a very high content of cysteine residues and metals. The metals combined with it are mainly cadmium, copper and zinc, which widely exist in various organisms from microorganisms to humans, and their structures are highly conserved.
The important physiological function of metallothionein is that it is the most effective free radical scavenger known so far, its ability to scavenge free radicals is about thousands of times that of SOD, and the ability to scavenge oxygen free radicals is about 100 times that of glutathione 25 times higher than that of ginseng, and has a strong antioxidant activity.
Due to the special chemical structure of metallothionein, the metals in it are kinetically unstable, and the mercapto group has a nucleophilic tendency, which makes metallothionein easy to interact with some electrophilic substances, especially some free radicals.
The function of Metallothionein to scavenge free radicals makes it play an important role in anti-aging, anti-oxidative stress and apoptosis. Metallothionein is a potential negative regulator of apoptosis, and it has a certain protective effect on normal body cells during chemotherapy.
As a strong endogenous cytoprotectant, metallothionein plays an important role in the protection of the cardiovascular system against injury, mainly in the inhibition of ischemia-reperfusion injury. Clinical practice has proved that ischemic preconditioning can increase the content of metallothionein in the body, thereby reducing the damage caused by reperfusion. According to experiments, metallothionein participates in the protection of cardiomyocytes in pre-ischemia, and reduces the damage caused by hypoxia/reoxygenation of cardiomyocytes by protecting oxidase activity.
Metallothionein is involved in the differentiation and proliferation of tumor cells. The research on the relationship between metallothionein and tumor mainly focuses on metallothionein and tumorigenesis, reducing the toxic and side effects of anticancer drugs, and acquiring drug resistance of tumor cells. Defective expression of metallothionein is one of the symptoms of tumorigenesis. Therefore, in-depth study of the relationship between metallothionein and tumors is expected to obtain target drugs for tumor treatment.

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