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Lotus Leaf Extract

Lotus Leaf Extract benefits for weight loss.
Free Sample Factory Supply Lotus Leaf Extract Powder HPLC 10:1 20:1 Nuciferine.

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Botanical Name: Folium Nelumbinis/Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn
Appearance: Brown Powder
Used Part: Leaf
Specification: 10:1 20:1
Active ingredient: Nuciferine,Flavone

1. Promote fat decomposition, with effects of lipid-lowering, degreasing, and regulating blood lipid;
2. Significantly reduce serum triglycerides and cholesterol content of glycerol;
3. Display hypotensive effect;
4. Scavenging free radicals,promote blood circulation;
5. Display effects of diuretic;
6. Prevent fat from being absorbed and accumulation;

Application of Lotus leaf extract
1.Applied in food field, lotus leaf become a delicious and healthy green food;
2.Applied in health product field, lotus leaf slimming tea by the majority of lesbian love;
Lotus leaf extract products are: compound lotus leaf granules, mixture, capsules, lotus leaf extract tea, juice, chewing gum, toothpaste, tablets, etc.

Description About Lotus Leaf Extract
The most clinical application of lotus leaf extract is in the formula for weight loss and lipid-lowering, preventing and treating coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia.
Lotus leaf extract is the powdered extract from the dry leaves of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.It’s main content are Nuciferine, lemon acid and flavone, etc. Lotus leaf extract has Nuciferine which has mainly an anti-obesity effect. Pharmacodynamics study shows that lotus leaf extract can act as a diuretic purge. Besides, the lotus leaf extract can relieve intestinal poisoning, reduce the fat of the body, and can also eliminate the heat-stroke. Inaddition, the lotus leaf extract can reduce serum triglycerides and cholesterol content of calcitriol with lipid regulating health role. The lotus leaf extract has a significant reducing-weight effect without any side-effects.
Lotus Leaf Extract Powder Nuciferine could anti-tumor and enhance human immune system.

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