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Food Additives Sweetener Lactosucrose Powder 99% from Green Stone.

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Appearance: White Powder
Purity: 99%

1. Regulate intestinal flora and multiply bifidobacteria;
2. Promote calcium absorption;
3. Regulate blood lipids;
4. Immunomodulatory;
5. Anti-caries;
6. Increase immunity;

1. Drinks;
Lactosucrose can be added to lactic acid bacteria beverages, carbonated beverages and solid beverages of dairy products to make nutritional, health care, beauty and other beverages.
2. Pastries and candies;
Lactosucrose can be used in candy, cakes, snack foods, biscuits and other products instead of sucrose, and can enhance the nutritional and health care functions of products.
3. Other food;
In addition to the above applications, Lactosucrose can also be used in ice cream, ice cream, jelly, pudding, sauce, sweetener, milk powder and other products. It has partially or completely replaced sucrose in many foods to suit the needs of special populations.

Description About Lactosucrose
Lactosucrose is almost not digested and absorbed by the human body, and it will not cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels and blood insulin levels in the body after ingestion, and can be eaten by diabetics. This sugar is also a bifidobacteria proliferation factor. Compared with galacto-oligosaccharides and isomaltose oligosaccharides, which are both bifidobacteria proliferation factors, the bifidobacterial proliferation activity of lactulose oligosaccharides is higher and its sweetness also closer to that of sucrose.
Lactosucrose is a functional oligosaccharide that is an effective proliferation factor for bifidobacteria, and has special physiological functions such as proliferating bacteria, low calorie, low dental caries, lowering blood cholesterol, improving blood lipids, and promoting calcium absorption. Lactosucrose is not easily absorbed by the human body, has a very low calorie value, does not cause obesity, and can produce weight loss food and low-calorie food. Lactosucrose has low sweetness and can produce sugar-free or low-sugar foods, which are very popular among people.
Lactosucrose has high moisturizing properties, which can keep food moist, prevent the aging of starchy foods such as bread and snacks, and prolong the shelf life of food.
Because Lactosucrose has some excellent processing properties and physiological functions, it is widely used in the field of food industry and can partially or completely replace sucrose. In particular, the low sweetness and low calorific value of lactosucrose make its application in health food have a positive effect on improving the health level of consumers.

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