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Konjac Glucomannan Powder

Where to buy glucomannan powder? Food grade Konjac Glucomannan(Konjac Mannan) Powder Manufacturer & Supply from konjac root dietary fibre with weight loss support,low calorie,lower cholesterol.

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Food grade Konjac Glucomannan(Konjac Mannan) Powder from konjac root weight loss support

Other name: Konjac Mannan;KGM
Source: Konjac Root
Apperance: White powder

1. Weight loss support --- Konjac glucomannan fills the stomach and slows the digestion process, which helps the consumer feel “full” for longer, reducing the urge for heavy meals or snacks.
2. Help control blood sugar level and hypoglycemic effect --- Konjac glucomannan plays an important role in improving insulin levels and lowering blood sugar,beneficial to the prevention and improvement of diabetes.
3. Lowering cholesterol --- Konjac glucomannan in the digestive system inhibits the absorption of lipids, such as LDL (bad cholesterol).
4. Regulate bowel movements --- Konjac glucomannan can enhance the intestinal function of animals, and can inhibit the absorption of water in the small intestine and make the water of the intestinal wall be absorbed into the intestine, soften the stool and play a laxative effect.
5. Protect stomach --- Konjac glucomannan can reduce the residence time of the harmful substances in the gastrointestinal, gall-hsiang, and effectively protect the gastric mucosa, clean the stomach wall.
6. Anti-aging effect --- Long-term consumption of a large amount of konjac glucomannan can delay the aging process of brain glial cells, cardiomyocytes and intimal cells of large and medium arteries, regulate lipid metabolism, improve cell surface charge, reduce blood viscosity, and have anti-aging effects.
7. Effects on cancer fighting and immune function --- Konjac glucomannan can be used as an immunomodulatory supplementary food for the prevention and treatment of tumors.

1. Application in the food industry:
It is widely used as a thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer, etc. in the food industry due to its high viscosity in its aqueous solution.
2. Application in the health care industry:
Produce no energy and prevent the fatness ,modulate the immunity function.

Description About Konjac Glucomannan Powder
Konjac Glucomannan Powder is a high molecular weight, non-ionic water-soluble polysaccharide extracted from the tuber of Amorphophallus konjac C. Koch, and is the main component of konjac.
Konjac Glucomannan Powder is a complex polysaccharide, which is the natural polymer polysaccharide with the largest viscosity among the known plant polysaccharides. It has a variety of biological functions, including improving the level of glucose and lipid metabolism, promoting immune function, preventing cell lipid peroxidation, and fighting skin inflammatory factors.
Konjac Glucomannan has some antibacterial properties and antioxidants, so konjac is believed to boost immunity, and people's bodies should be better able to fight off minor ailments. And the antioxidants in konjac also contribute to bone and joint health. Therefore, konjac Glucomannan can also help relieve joint pain.
Konjac Glucomannan, a natural dietary fiber extracted from konjac root, is thought to be a laxative ingredient that contributes to the formation of "chunky stools."They strengthen the gastrointestinal tract to help resolve digestive issues in a natural way.It is different from other types of soluble fiber mainly because of its high viscosity, in fact, it is one of the most viscous dietary fibers we can buy.
In Europe and Canada, glucomannan dietary supplements can be marketed with claims to lower cholesterol levels and to relieve constipation.
Konjac Glucomannan is not only one kind of natural food additive but also one kind of ideal assistant healthcare food, it is recommended by WHO as one of the best healthcare foods for human being in 21 century.

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