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Kanzan Flower

Factory supply health supplement Kanzan Flower Powder 99%/Sakura Powder.

We are Kanzan Flower supplier,from raw materials to the production process layers of inspection, to provide customers pure Kanzan Flower.

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Other Name: Sakura Powder
Botanical Name: P.lannesiana Alborosea
Source: Flowers of Cerasus serrulate 'Sekiyama' in the Rosaceae Li subfamily.
Part Used: flower
Appearance: pink fine powder
Specification: 99%
Detection method: TLC

1. Solid drink
2. New resource food
3. Oral beauty ingredients

Description About Kanzan Flower Powder
kanzan flower is a kind of cherry blossom,it has many years of consumption history in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and are widely eaten as vegetables or food raw materials.The most important thing about food raw materials is their safety. As a newly approved new food raw material, the edible safety of kanzan flower can be verified.
According to literature reports, the main effect of kanzan flower is antioxidant. Some researchers measured the total flavonoid content of kanzan flower and found that the total flavonoid content was 11.25% (RSD=1.44%, n=5), and compared with the traditional antioxidant VC on the nitrite scavenging rate, It was found that the total flavonoids in kanzan flower had better scavenging effect on nitrite. In addition, some researchers added kanzan flower powder to yogurt fermentation. They found that after adding kanzan flower powder, the curd time of yogurt was shortened, the pH of yogurt was reduced, and the acidity of yogurt was increased. At the same time, the content of diacetyl and the total number of lactic acid bacteria also decreased It will increase and has a certain effect on the DPPH free radical scavenging rate. This shows that the addition of kanzan flower powder can not only promote the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria, inhibit the post-acidification of yogurt, but also improve the antioxidant activity of yogurt.
Kanzan Flower Powder has good antioxidant effects, and making them into functional beverages or preparations is beneficial to daily dietary supplements. In addition, now that the "she economy" is in a pandemic, women's anti-oxidation and anti-glycation have attracted great attention, and the introduction of related anti-sugar foods will surely be very popular.
In addition to being used as a food raw material, kanzan flower powder is also an anti-glycation cosmetic raw material, which is widely used in functional foods and cosmetics. Sakurain and sakuramin contained in kanzan flower are two flavonoids with excellent antioxidant activity in kanzan flower, which can greatly promote sugar metabolism and inhibit glycation. It can also inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, thereby inhibiting melanin and having a whitening effect. In addition, by preventing saccharification, it promotes the production of collagen and osseous collagen, and achieves the effect of soft and elastic skin, and kanzan flower also has an inhibitory effect on skin inflammation and redness.
In addition, some studies have shown that kanzan flower powder has a certain anti-inflammatory effect.


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