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Gymnema Sylvestre Extract

Gymnema Sylvestre Extract Powder with Gymnemic Acid Helps Weight Loss and Blood Sugar

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Supply Gymnema Sylvestre Extract Powder with Gymnemic Acid Helps Weight Loss and Blood Sugar

Latin Name: Gymnema Sylvestre (Retz.) Schultes
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
Specification: 10:1 20:1
Part Used: Leaf
Active Ingredients: Gymnemic Acid, Saponins, Flavones, Anthocyanins and Polysaccharides

1. Reduces sugar cravings by making sweet foods taste less appealing;
2. Helps lower blood sugar levels,balancing the level of Human insulin;
3. May contribute to favorable insulin levels by increasing insulin production;
4. May aid weight loss;
5. Prevent decayed tooth,for prevention of the formation of dental plaque and caries;
6. Stomachic, diuretic, refrigerant, astringent, and tonic;
7. Lowers serum cholesterol level and triglycerides level;
8. It prevents adrenaline from stimulating the liver to produce glucose and reduce blood sugar level;

Main applied in health-care product field:
Hypoglycemic, lipid-lowering increase insulin levels, lowering blood sugar and anti-platelet aggregation

Description About Gymnema Sylvestre Extract
Gymnema sylvestre extract has been proven to lower blood sugar levels and can be used for a long time. In addition, Gymnema sylvestre extract reduces the taste of sugar in the mouth, so some people use it to resist the craving for sugar. Gymnema Sylvestre Extract is currently used in pure natural health care product for the treatment of diabetes. Gymnema sylvestre extract can not only suppress sweetness, but also treat a variety of diseases, such as high blood sugar, obesity, and high cholesterol.

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