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Ferrous Bisglycinate

Iron Supplement Ferrous Bisglycinate CAS 20150-34-9 Iron Bisglycinate(Ferrous Glycinate) Powder Factory Supply For Prevent Iron Deficiency Anemia

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Other name: Ferrous Glycinate;Iron Bisglycinate; Iron Glycinate
CAS NO.: 20150-34-9
Molecular Formula: C4H8FeN2O4
Molecular Weight: 203.96
Appearance:Light yellowish brownish green crystalline powder

1. Can promote the absorption of iron by animals.
2. Can promote the synthesis of hemoglobin and myoglobin.
3. Can prevent iron-deficiency anemia.
4. Can promote the growth and development of animals.
5. Can make the animal skin ruddy, shiny, and improve feed utilization.

Description About Ferrous Bisglycinate (Iron Bisglycinate)
Ferrous bisglycinate is a light yellowish brownish green crystalline powder with stable properties. It does not have the irony smell of general iron agents. It is an odorless and easily soluble organic iron and is easily soluble in water.
It can avoid the absorption obstacles of phytic acid to general iron, and its absorption rate is about 3-5 times that of ferrous sulfate.
Ferrous bisglycinate is used widely as third-generation organic iron at present. Nutritionists unanimously recognize it is absorpt quickly in the animal intestinal tract, higher utilization rate, with good functions of blood-producing and oxygen-carrying.
After the organism absorb Ferrous bisglycinate, can convert into more heme rapidly.
Ferrous bisglycinate is used for supplementing iron in the diet and preventing or treating low levels of iron in the blood. Iron is an essential body mineral. Iron mainly exists in the chloroplasts,taking part in the formation of chlorophyll. It is not only an important component of enzyme material which involve in respiaration; but also the component of ferredoxin which involved in electron transfer. In addition, iron plays an important role in biological nitrogen fixationIron.
Ferrous bisglycinate is a chelate that is used as a source of dietary iron. Forming a ring structure when reacting with glycine,ferrous bisglycinate acts as both a chelate and a nutritionally functional. It is found in foods for food enrichment or insupplements for the treatment of iron deficiency or iron deficiency anemia.It not only supplies the crop with its lacking iron element and have the high performance on crop diseases caused by iron deficiency effects, but also Improve iron deficiency anemia.

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