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Eyebright Extract

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Other Name: Euphrasia Officinalis Extract
Botanical Name: Euphrasia pectinata Tenore
Part used: Whole Herb
Specification: 10:1
Appearance: Brownish yellow fine powder
Testing Method: UV&HPLC
Active Ingredient: flavone

1. Eliminate eye fatigue, improve the reappearance of eyesight and bright eyes;
2. Improve vision and eye function;
3. Help reduce eye bags and dark circles;
4. Antioxidant and protects heart health;
5. To clear away heat and troubles;
6. Diuresis, thirst quenching and urination, etc;

Description About Eyebright Extract
Eyebright Extract contains a lot of nutrients such as fiber, crude protein, and minerals. Among the good eye supplements in Western traditional herbal medicine, the most famous one is Eyebright. Eyebright has been used as an eye tonic in Europe since the Middle Ages. Eyebright has been designated as a natural eye supplement by doctors in Europe, and is known as "drinkable eye drops".Century since the Middle Ages, Eyebright has been used as eye tonic in Europe. Eyebright in Europe have been designated as a natural eye tonic by doctor.
The main active ingredient of eyebright extract is flavone. Eyebright extract contains flavones, which have special effects on eye bags and eye fatigue. The efficacy of flavones is multi-faceted. It is a strong antioxidant, which can effectively remove oxygen free radicals in the body. For example, anthocyanins and anthocyanins can inhibit the full-stage overflow of lipid peroxides. The ability of vitamin E is more than ten times that of vitamin E. This antioxidant effect can prevent cell degeneration and aging, eliminate eye fatigue, improve vision and bright eyes, improve vision and eye function, and help reduce eye bags and dark circles.


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