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Engelhardtia Chrysolepis Leaf Extract

Factory Supply Engelhardtia Chrysolepis Leaf Extract/Engelhardtia Leaf Extract 60%,80%,98%.

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Other Name: Engelhardtia Leaf Extract
Botanical Name: Engelhardtia roxburghiana Wall.
Test Method: HPLC
Specification: 60%,80%,98%
Appearance: White fine powder
Active Ingredient: Astilbin
Part Used: Leaf

1. Pain relief;
2. Help diabetics control blood sugar;
3. Has anti-cancer and anti-radiation effects;
4. Help people with qi deficiency and weak limbs to increase physical fitness;
5. Help people with blood deficiency and anemia;
6. Help people with weak and weakened immune systems to condition their bodies;
7. Has a certain bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect;

Description About Engelhardtia Chrysolepis Leaf Extract
Engelhardtia Chrysolepis Leaf Extract has the effect of reducing swelling and diuresis, lowering blood sugar, which can help diabetes control blood sugar, and can regulate people who are weak or have low immunity.
Engelhardtia Chrysolepis Leaf Extract and its components have the functions of scavenging active oxygen, anti-inflammatory, inhibiting hyaluronidase, anti-oxidation and anti-cancer.
Engelhardtia Chrysolepis Leaf Extract has the effect of clearing heat and relieving pain. At the same time, it can relieve the symptoms of fever caused by colds. It also has a certain therapeutic effect on colic and abdominal pain.

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