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Dunaliella Salina Extract

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Manufacturer Health Supplement Dunaliella Salina Extract 1%~10%, 98% with Beta-carotene.

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Botanical Name: Dunaliella salina (Dunal) Teodoresco
Part Used: Whole Herb
Active Ingredient: Beta-carotene
Specification: 1%-10%, 98%
Appearance: Brown-red powder
Production Process:
Salt and algae species made by breeding, algae solution, centrifugal separation, salt washing dehydration, purification and other processes.

1. Scavenge free radicals;
2. Regulate acid-base balance;
3. Comprehensive supplement of cellular nutrients;
4. It can repair sugar chains, restore the normal expression and recognition of intercellular information, and solve various diseases caused by damaged sugar chains in cells;
5. Prevention and auxiliary treatment of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;
6. Prevention and auxiliary treatment of diabetes;
7. Prevention and adjuvant treatment of cancer, alleviating adverse reactions of chemotherapy;
8. Prevention and auxiliary treatment of liver diseases;
9. Prevention and auxiliary treatment of common stomach diseases and oral ulcers;
10. Improve immunity, anti-oxidation, anti-aging;

Description About Dunaliella Salina Extract
Dunaliella Salina Extract is a new resource food, which is a semi-fluid or powder product made from salina species through breeding, algae liquid purification, centrifugation, salt washing and dehydration, and purification.
Dunaliella Salina Extract is rich in ß-carotene. It can be cultivated artificially to extract glycerol or carotene. It can also be used as bait for larvae such as fish, shrimp and shellfish. Dunaliella Salina Extract is a single-celled eukaryotic algae that lives in high-concentration salt lakes and belongs to plankton. It is the only strange life discovered so far that can survive in high-concentration salt water. Because it is rich in unique and rich life elements, it is praised as "the power source of cells" and "the protection agent of life" by the world's scientific community.
Dunaliella Salina Extract refers to the semi-fluid (extract) or powder product produced by salina strains through culture, algae liquid purification, centrifugation, salt washing and dehydration, purification and other processes.
Dunaliella Salina Extract is rich in various natural carotenoids, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin E, linolenic acid, linoleic acid, lecithin, salina, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, zinc and more than 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements needed by the human body , and also rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, 8 of which are necessary for the human body.
The natural β-carotene in Dunaliella Salina Extract is recognized as the king of antioxidants in the medical field. It has a special structure of multiple conjugated polyene double bonds, which enables it to have an irreversible reaction with oxygen-containing free radicals, to scavenge free radicals and quench singlet oxygen, and to capture and scavenge peroxide free radicals. Therefore, β-carotene is a good free radical quencher, that is, the terminator of free radicals.
The antioxidant effects of β-carotene, selenium, and vitamin E in Dunaliella Salina Extract can scavenge free radicals, protect cells from free radicals, protect cell membranes, and enhance cell permeability.
Dunaliella Salina Extract can be used as a new food additive for food colorants, and can also supplement vitamin A needed by the human body. It has strong anti-oxidation, anti-aging, improvement of learning and memory, vision and skin health due to its ability to scavenge free radicals. effect. Another study shows that Dunaliella Salina Extract also has a strong health function of enhancing immunity and anti-radiation. Therefore, Dunaliella Salina Extract is used as one of the commonly used raw materials for health food.

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