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What is Dihydroquercetin used for? Where to buy Dihydroquercetin? Factory Supply Dihydroquercetin Powder 98% | Taxifolin | Taxifoliol | CAS 480-18-2 for food and dietary supplement production.

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Get Dihydroquercetin CAS 480-18-2 price,manufacturer,supplier from Green Stone

Other Name: Taxifolin; Taxifoliol; Distylin; (+)-Taxifolin; Trans-Dihydroquercetin; (+)-Dihydroquercetin
CAS NO.: 480-18-2
Molecular Formula: C15H12O7
Molecular Weight: 304.254
Melting Point: 237 °C (459 °F; 510 K)
Apperance: Light Yellow Powder
Purity: 98%

1. Strong antioxidant capacity:
It can effectively remove destructive free radicals and toxins in the human body, protect and repair cells, promote the absorption of vitamin C, prevent vitamin C from being oxidized, and inhibit the development of diseases.
2. Enhance immunity:
It can quickly relieve fatigue, activate longevity genes, delay cell aging, and has a detoxification effect.
3. Anti-tumor, anti-cancer:
It can inhibit the growth of squamous cell carcinoma and malignant lymphocytic lesions; it can inhibit various cancer cells such as liver cancer cells, breast cancer cells, cervical cancer cells, etc.
4. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases:
It can activate vascular wall cells, enhance vascular elasticity, reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease, enhance cardiac vitality, improve microcirculation, and improve rheumatoid arthritis.
5. Balance blood lipids:
It can affect lipid metabolism by regulating the activity of enzymes, inhibit the synthesis of intracellular cholesterol, and balance cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
6. Detoxify and protect liver:
It can repair liver damage, help liver detoxification, and have obvious improvement and recovery effects on hepatitis, fatty liver, etc.
7. Improve gastrointestinal function:
Dihydroquercetin can improve gastric motility, inhibit intestinal harmful bacteria, promote gastric mucosal regeneration, and relieve symptoms of chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and chronic enteritis.
8. Skin Whitening:
It can restore the elasticity of collagen in the skin, inhibit the production of melanin, lighten spots and whiten, and has a unique effect on various dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, acne and other skin diseases.
9. Prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases:
Long-term use of dihydroquercetin can prevent the aggravation of chronic respiratory diseases, help maintain the immune system, improve anti-toxicity, and have a therapeutic effect on bronchitis, acute pneumonia, chronic obstructive bronchitis, and acute bronchitis.

Description About Dihydroquercetin
As an important flavonoid, dihydroquercetin exists in a variety of plants, and its content is high in Larix Mill., especially Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco. In recent years, dihydroquercetin has also been found in fruits, especially grapes, oranges and grapefruit. Dihydroquercetin is a dihydroflavonoid compound belonging to the vitamin P family and is a widely used biologically active agent. Like other flavonoids, it has a variety of biological activities in the human body. Dihydroquercetin is an important natural antioxidant that the human body must supplement. Due to its special molecular structure and five phenolic hydroxyl groups, dihydroquercetin is the best, most precious, natural and powerful antioxidant "luxury" discovered in the world so far. Dihydroquercetin is a new food antioxidant in the food industry. Its antioxidant capacity is comparable to that of many natural and synthetic antioxidants.
Dihydroquercetin is an important natural bioflavonoid "polymer" essence found in nature, more powerful than any other individual antioxidant form. It can effectively remove free radicals in the human body, perfectly repair cells, and has multiple effects such as anti-cancer, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, anti-virus, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-radiation, regulating immunity, removing melanin, improving microcirculation, purifying blood and detoxifying unifying effect. It is widely used in cancer, leukemia, cerebral infarction, coronary heart disease and sequelae, cerebral thrombosis, hypertension, gastrointestinal disease, respiratory system disease, liver disease, rheumatoid arthritis, skin disease and other therapeutic fields. The most precious "universal antioxidant" in nature.
Dihydroquercetin can regulate human immunity, and can improve blood flow and myocardial contractility in patients with coronary heart disease, reduce cholesterol content in liver and blood, and quickly relieve human fatigue.
In the food industry, dihydroquercetin as a food bioactive additive can not only preserve the food raw materials and the food itself, increase the shelf life, but also increase the preventive and therapeutic properties of the food.


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