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Deer Whip Extract

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Botanical Name: Penis et Testis Cervi
Part Used: Genitals of deer
Specification: 10:1, 30:1, 50:1
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder

1. Can improve sexual function;
2. Enhance immunity;
3. Anti-fatigue;
4. Regulate endocrine function, enhance physical fitness;
5. Strengthen muscles and bones;
6. Anti-aging;

Food and beverage, health products production

Description About Deer Whip Extract
Deer Whip is the external genitalia of the buck, which contains a lot of protein and hormones. Drinking Deer Whip Extract has certain benefits for men's sexual function. For example, the protein contained in Deer Whip Extract can supplement the relevant amino acids of the human body. The hormones contained in deer penis, especially the large amount of male hormone contained in the testes of deer penis, can improve the sexual function of middle-aged and elderly men. Under the action of hormones, penile erection and impotence will be partially treated. It is recommended that patients avoid long-term drinking of deer penis to treat impotence.
Deer Whip Extract can effectively improve the body's immunity and prevent colds. It can also improve the body's immunity, regulate endocrine function, and enhance physical fitness.

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