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Deep Sea Fish Collagen Softgel NSF Certified

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Product name: Deep Sea Fish Collagen Softgel NSF Certified
Mall molecular collagen, as an effective cosmetic raw material can nourish the skin and give people a smooth feel. In this way, the meat called "bone flesh, skin flesh" can be said to be a strong backing. The effect is self-evident on the other hand.
Collagen is compatible with other raw materials in skin care cosmetics, having a good synergistic effect, and can effectively repair damaged skin. After 1 month of oral administration of pure collagen, it can generally reflect the skin's delicateness and lubricity, getting good fine lines and whitening the skin.
Folding and Caring hair
Hair and skin are the same and are composed of collagen. Cross-cut, you can see on the hair under the microscope: collagen is the most center of the flesh, and the outermost layer is the scale. Collagen mainly controls the thickness of the hair. Hair, elasticity and moisture. Hair scales are a very fragile group. Friction heat will wear out, the inner layer of collagen will be irritated and broken down, lack of collagen, dry hair split ends, nails easily break, and the hair will be dull and dull. Not only to make the surface good, to meet the needs, the cure is to supplement collagen, nutritional subcutaneous tissue, which can promote hair and nail health, and keep hair and nails soft and shiny.
Folding muscle
Collagen is not the major component of muscle tissue material, but is the main of collagen and muscle
The growth of meat is closely related. For adolescents in the developmental stage, collagen supplementation can promote the secretion of growth hormone and muscle growth. For adults who want to maintain their body, it helps building strong muscles also requiring collagen as well as protein.

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