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Dandelion Root Extract

Natural Dandelion Root Extract Powder/Dendelion Extract 10:1 Supplier and Manufacturer from Green Stone.

Dandelion Root Extract supplement for liver and kidney support.
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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Natural Dandelion Root Extract Powder 10:1 Supplier and Manufacturer from Green Stone

Other Name: Dendelion Extract
Botanical Name: Taraxacum mongolicum Hand.-Mazz.
Part Used: Root
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
Active Ingredient: Flavonoids
Specification: 10:1

1. Used in inflammation and congestion of liver;
2. Used in the early stages of liver cirrhosis such as alcoholic cirrhosis;
3. Stimulates bile production, and helps the body get rid of excess water produced by the diseased liver;
4. Treat hepatitis, liver swelling, jaundice and indigestion in those with inadequate bile secretion;
5. Used to treat liver and gallbladder obstructions, improve liver function, promote bile production and as a diuretic;
6. Clear away heat and toxic material;
7. It can effectively kill various germs in the human body, such as streptococcus, and inhibit the growth and reproduction of germs in the body. It can reduce the specificity of bacteria and reduce the damage of bacteria to the body;
8. Improve digestive function, speed up intestinal peristalsis, promote the secretion of digestive juice, and can also regulate the symptoms of indigestion;
9. Detoxification and beauty,dandelion root contains fat, protein and various trace elements, which can promote the metabolism of skin cells and enhance the anti-inflammatory function of human skin;
9. Antiviral, can prevent a variety of viruses from causing damage to human cells, prevent viruses from multiplying in the body, and prevent colds;

Description About Dandelion Root Extract
Dandelion is a kind of herb. Dandelion is rich in nutritional value, including dandelion, taraxanol, choline, organic acids and inulin. In addition, it also contains a lot of carbohydrates, protein, trace elements and vitamins. These can be very good in promoting physical health after entering the body.
Dandelion Root Extract is very rich in nutrients, containing a lot of vitamins, trace elements, fat, protein, etc., which can supplement the body's nutrition, increase the body's immunity, and have a preventive effect on a variety of diseases.
Dandelion Root Extract also has the effect of protecting the liver and detoxifying. Dandelion root can strengthen the detoxification ability of the liver, repair damaged liver cells, relieve the damage of some viruses and drugs to the liver, protect the liver and promote detoxification.
Dandelion Root Extract has certain antiviral properties and can help prevent colds. In particular, it has a very good preventive effect on influenza and viral colds.


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