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tagatose buy online Factory Price Food Additives Sweetener D-Tagatose (D-lyxo-Hexulose) CAS 87-81-0. Natural D-Tagatose Powder/ Tagatose Structure/Function of Tagatose/Tagatose for lower blood sugar.

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Factory Price Food Additives Sweetener D-Tagatose (D-lyxo-Hexulose) CAS 87-81-0

Other name: D-lyxo-Hexulose; Tagatose
CAS NO.: 87-81-0
Molecolare Formula: C6H12O6
Molecolare Weight: 180.16
Appearance: White Fine Powder
Assay: 99%min

1.sweetness: 0.3-0.6 times of sucrose
2.Soluble in water and more soluble than sucrose
3. low calorie: 1.5Kcal/g calories
4.Viscosity is relativity higher than sucrose
5.Are a virtually calorie-free addition to your diet

1. Anti-hyperglycemic effect,can Lower blood sugar
2. Low Calorie,can promote blood health
3. Can improve the intestinal flora
4. Can effectively prevent tooth decay and tooth enamel corrosion. It can be used in toothpaste and chewing gum.
5. Can prevent colon cancer and inhibit intestinal pathogenic bacteria.

In the beverage industry, the synergistic effect of D-tagatose on strong sweeteners such as sodium cyclamate, aspartame, acesulfame K, and stevia is mainly used to eliminate the metallic taste produced by strong sweeteners. , After bitterness and astringency and other bad aftertastes, improve the taste of beverages. In 2003, PepsiCo began to add tagatose-containing combination sweeteners to carbonated beverages to obtain zero-calorie and low-calorie health beverages that basically resemble full-calorie beverages.
As a low-calorie sweetener, adding a little D-tagatose can significantly improve the taste of dairy products. Therefore, D-tagatose is contained in sterilized powdered milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. With the deepening of research on the properties of D-tagatose, the application of D-tagatose has expanded to more dairy products. For example, after adding D-tagatose to chocolate dairy products, a rich and mellow toffee flavor can be obtained. D-tagatose can also be used in yogurt. While providing sweetness, it can increase the number of viable bacteria in the yogurt, improve the nutritional value of the yogurt, and make the flavor more mellow.

Description About D-tagatose
D-tagatose is a food additives sweetener. It is a naturally occurring monosaccharide, specifically a hexose. It is often found in dairy products, and is very similar in texture to sucrose (table sugar) and is 92% as sweet, but with only 38% of the calories.Since it is metabolized differently from sucrose, D-tagatose has a minimal effect on blood glucose and insulin levels.
D-Tagatose has less than half the calories of sugar. It has a zero glycemic index. This makes it very suitable as part of a diabetic diet. Unlike most sugars it is not harmful to teeth, in fact it has been shown to help prevent damage to teeth. D-tagatose is also approved as a tooth-friendly ingredient.
D-Tagatose is also a prebiotic. This means that it assists in the development of beneficial bacteria in the gut. It is also reputed to slow the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream, so it may be of additional use for diabetics in this regard.

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