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Cotinus Coggygria Extract

Factory Supply Smoke Tree Extract/Cotinus Coggygria Extract Supplement 98% Fisetin Powder (by HPLC).

wholesale Natural Health Supplement Raw Material Cotinus Coggygria Leaf Extract with best price.

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Factory Supply Smoke Tree Extract/Cotinus Coggygria Extract Supplement 98% Fisetin Powder

Other Name: Smoke Tree Extract; Cotinus Coggygria Leaf Extract
Binomial Name: Cotinus coggygria Scop.
Active Ingredient: Fisetin
Part used: Stem & Leaf
Specification: 98% Fisetin (by HPLC)
Appearance: Yellow fine powder

1. Anticoagulant and blood pressure reduction;
Flavonoids are one of the main components of Cotinus chinensis, which have obvious anticoagulant and antithrombotic effects.
2. Repair liver damage;
The fisetin in cotinus have a certain impact on glucose metabolism. "China Laboratory Diagnostics" magazine has published such reports. Shen Qingliang and other scholars' studies on sumac syrup show that sumac has obvious protective and repairing effects on liver damage caused by hepatitis, and can significantly improve immune cell activity and immune organ function.
3. Promote hair growth;
There have been many reports on the effect of Cotinus chinensis leaf extract on promoting hair growth, and its water body also has a certain protective effect on the skin and mucous membranes. The mechanism of action may be that Cotinus chinensis extract induces hair growth factors, thereby regulating hair growth and growth cycle.
4. Anti-cancer;
Fisetin has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in laboratory studies .The study evaluated the effects of fisetin against melanoma and cancers of the prostate, pancreas and the lungs.
5. Brain health and Mental Health;
By reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, fisetin powder protects the brain and improves cognition and mental health. Clinical trials are needed to confirm its brain-friendly effects.
6. Heart Health;
Fisetin may support heart health by reducing high cholesterol levels, improving circulation,and protecting the heart from oxidative stress.
7. Anti-aging;
Fisetin Slows aging process of body rid itself of senescent cells (cells that stopped dividing).

Description About Cotinus Coggygria Extract
Cotinus Coggygria is actually a red-leaf tree species used for ornamental purposes. The leaves of the plant turn red in autumn and look very eye-catching. In fact, Cotinus also has rich medicinal value, which can be seen from its efficacy.
Cotinus Coggygria Extract is extracted from Cotinus coggygria Scop, the active ingredient is fisetin, and its powder state is yellow. It has been found to play an important role in human health. Like most polyphenols, fisetin is a powerful antioxidant.Fisetin is a natural flavonol that belongs to the flavonoid group of polyphenols.
Cotinus Coggygria Extract can detoxify pain, from leaves to roots can be used as medicinal materials, so its medicinal value is very wide, the chemical components contained in the wood can clear heat and detoxify, but also anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue, can treat cold, gingivitis, hypertension and other diseases, jaundice hepatitis has a good effect.

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