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Common Curculigo Rhizome Extract

Factory Supply Common Curculigo Rhizome Extract/Citronella Extract/Curculigo Orchioides Rhizome Extract/Curculigo Orchioides Extract/Rhizoma Curculiginis Extract/Curculigo Extract 10:1 for Health Care.

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Other Name: Citronella Extract; Curculigo Orchioides Rhizome Extract; Curculigo Orchioides Extract; Rhizoma Curculiginis Extract; Curculigo Extract
Botanical Name: Curculigo orchioides Gaertn.
Part Used: root
Appearance: Brown yellow powder
Sepcification: 10:1
Active Ingredient:Curculigoside,Orcinol glucoside,Curculigine A,Curculigoside B,Curculigine B,Curculigine C

1. Curing impotence;
2. Enhance immunity;
3. Regulate endocrine;
4. Liver and kidney support;
5. Antitumor;

Description About Common Curculigo Rhizome Extract
Common Curculigo Rhizome Extract is extracted from the rhizome, has also been used as a tonic to overcome impotency. The active compounds that have been reported are flavones, glycosides, steroids, Saponins, triterpenoids and other secondary metabolites. Therefore, Common Curculigo Rhizome Extract has long since been deemed a valuable source of natural products for maintaining human health.
Common Curculigo Rhizome Extract can promote the production of antibodies and prolong its efficacy. Proper use of Common Curculigo Rhizome Extract can enhance immune function, and at the same time, it can also play a significant analgesic and antipyretic effect. Common Curculigo Rhizome Extract can inhibit the spread of cancer cells, because it also has a good interference effect on the sugar metabolism of cancer cells, thereby affecting the normal division of cancer cells. It can regulate the endocrine of the human body very well, especially in women who have entered menopause, the endocrine function will enter a state of disorder, and the ratio of estrogen and male hormones in the body will be seriously imbalanced, which can be well adjusted with Common Curculigo Rhizome Extract.

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