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Chinese Herbal Formula – Powdered Qingfei Paidu Decoction(QPD)

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Product name: Chinese Herbal Formula - Powdered Qingfei Paidu Decoction(QPD)
Qingfei Paidu Decoction is over 90% effective in preventing and treating COVID-19.
Powdered Qingfei Paidu Decoction(QPD) includes Apricot Shi Gan Decoction, Blackberry LilyEphedra Decoction,Sho-saiko-to Decoction, Wuling Powder which has a mild taste.
Qingfei Paidu Decoction(QPD) is an optimized combination of several classic prescriptions in Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases written by Zhang Zhongjing of the Han Dynasty. It can be used not only for patients with light, common and severe neo-coronary pneumonia, but also for the treatment of critically ill patients.Qingfei Paidu Decoction is very effective.
The General Office of the Chinese Health Council and the Office of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly issued a notice stating that based on the recent clinical treatment and observation of the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, it is recommended that Qingfei Paidu Decoction be used everywhere.
According to the announcement issued by the Chinese Medicine Administration, the emergency scientific research project organized by the Bureau has made gradual progress. According to the clinical observations of the 4 provinces, the total effective rate of Qingfei Paidu Decoction for the treatment of patients with pneumonitis infected by new coronavirus can reach 90%. the above.
Li Yu, director of the Department of Science and Technology of the Chinese Medicine Administration of China, said that the data has indicated that Qingfei Paidu Decoction has good clinical efficacy and treatment prospects for the treatment of COVID-19, which has enhanced our confidence and determination to overcome the epidemic.
Prescription Composition:
Common water-plantain
Polyporus umbellatus
Atractylodes macrocephala
Wolfiporia extensa
Bupleurum chinense
Scutellaria baicalensis
Ginger Pinellia
Tatarian aster
Blackberry Lily
Asarum sieboldii
Dioscorea oppositifolia
Trifoliate orange
Agastache rugosa
Range of application: 
Combined with the clinical observations of doctors in many places, this prescription is suitable for mild, ordinary and severe patients, and can be used reasonably in combination with the actual situation in the treatment of critical patients.
Qingfei Paidu Decoction has played a role in the fight against epidemic disease, and the clinically proven total effective rate is over 90%.
Powdered Qingfei Paidu Decoction(QPD) is derived from the traditional Chinese medicine prescription combination. However, this prescription is a treatment prescription for diseases, which is not recommended to be used as a preventive prescription.
How to take: 
One dose per day, twice a day in the morning and evening (forty minutes after a meal) when it is still warm. Three doses count a course of treatment.
We can also produce Qingfei Paidu Decoction(QPD) according to your needs.Our OEM business: Oral Herbal Formula for Anti-Coronavirus.

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