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Chicory Root Extract

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Botanical Name: Cichorium intybus L.
Part used: Root
Appearance: Yellowish powder
Specification: 90% Inulin
Active Ingredients: Inulin

1. Can lower blood sugar and blood lipid;
2. Enhanced digestion and bowel function, effective for treating and preventing constipation;
3. Improve vascular disorders;
4. Can inhibit the production of toxic fermentation products, protect liver and prevent colon cancer;
5. The effect of improving skin itching related to diabetic patients
6. Improve mild to moderate depression and anxiety;
7. Boost your immune system;

Description About Cichorium Intybus (Chicory) Root Extract
The vitamin content in chicory root extract is very high, which can promote human metabolism and make the body healthier. Chicory root extract also has a lot of minerals, which can meet the needs of the human body, make the muscles of the human body more robust, and effectively prevent symptoms such as weakness and fatigue in the body.
Chicory root extract has the functions of regulating blood lipids and lowering uric acid, has a good regulating effect on hyperuric acid triglyceride, and can significantly improve hyperuricemia and abdominal obesity caused by high purine diet. Its mechanism of action may be through reducing the activities of acetyl-CoA carboxylase, fatty acid synthase and xanthine oxidase in the liver, so as to play a comprehensive role in regulating uric acid and abdominal fat accumulation.
The main function of chicory root extract is to lower uric acid to help improve gout, and it has a good effect on lowering uric acid and regulating blood lipids. And there are certain vitamins in chicory root extract, such as vitamin A and vitamin C.Their antioxidant effect is very good. After ingestion, it can effectively clear the free radicals in the body, and at the same time reduce the damage to other healthy cells in the body, so as to achieve a certain purpose of delaying aging.
There are still many medicines and health products that have the effect of enhancing one's own immunity, and chicory root extract is definitely one of them. It contains a lot of protein, as well as a variety of essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the human body itself. These things are all things that can help strengthen our own immunity and effectively improve our health.

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