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Cassia Nomame Extract

Buy Chinese herbal Cassia Nomame Extract/Nomame Semaherb Extract Powder with Flavanol & Polyphenols.

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Other name: Nomame Semaherb Extract
Botanical Name: Cassia nomame(Sieb.)kitag
Plant Part Use: The whole herb
Test Mothed: HPLC
Specification: 8%-10%; 10:1
Active Ingredient: Flavanol,Flavanone
Appearance: Brown Yellow fine powder

1. Can maintain the blood vessels healthy and normal blood pressure.
2. Can reduce the adhesion of blood platelets and maintain healthy blood flow.
3. Can also serve as an antioxidants to maintain a healthy heart.
4. Natural lipase inhibito.

Description About Cassia Nomame Extract
Cassia nomame extract is a product extracted from the dried whole grass of leguminous plant bean tea Cassia.
Cassia nomame extract is a new resource in the natural product industry. It prevents fat absorption by inhibiting its lipase activity,so it Is helpful to people with weight problems.It has gained popularity in recent years because it helps eliminate weight naturally without the side effects of synthetic diet pills.
Cassia nomame extract has a significant inhibitory effect on gastrointestinal lipase, and can effectively prevent the decomposition of fatty substances in the digestive tract, so that they cannot be decomposed and are directly excreted from the body, thereby reducing weight and blood lipids.
Cassia nomame extract main contains flavanol, is a natural lipase inhibitor, which inhibits the lipase enzyme that breaks down fat for absorption. With this enzyme "blocked" from doing its job, fat passes through the body unabsorbed. Cassia nomame extract also acts as a natural diuretic providing thermogenesis action to stimulate the burning of fat cells within the body.

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