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Casein Phosphopeptide (CPP)

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Source: Cow's milk casein

1. Promote the absorption of calcium in the small intestine;
2. Promote calcium utilization by bones;
3. Promote the utilization of calcium by teeth;
4. Prevent osteoporosis;
5. Promote the body's absorption of iron;
6. Promote the body's absorption of calcium;

Casein phosphopeptide is widely used and can be added to calcium, iron, zinc and other nutritional health food, dairy products, soybean products, children's nutritional food, anti-caries toothpaste and other products.

Description About Casein Phosphopeptide (CPP)
Casein phosphopeptide (CPP) is a carrier of calcium. It is a biologically active polypeptide produced by biotechnology with bovine casein as raw material through single or compound protease hydrolysis. It can combine with calcium to form a soluble substance, thereby Effectively prevent calcium from forming calcium phosphate precipitates in the neutral or alkaline environment of the small intestine. At the same time, it can also effectively increase the residence time of calcium in the body, and slowly release calcium after the intestinal wall cells absorb it.
Casein phosphopeptide can not only promote the absorption of calcium, but also has a good effect on the absorption and utilization of iron and zinc. Therefore, the development of nutritious food and health products added with CPP can truly achieve the purpose of effectively supplementing the minerals that the human body lacks and meet people's nutritional needs, and will certainly produce huge economic and social benefits.
Casein phosphopeptide can effectively increase the intake, absorption and utilization of calcium, iron, zinc and other divalent minerals in the human body, and also has the functions of strengthening teeth, strengthening teeth and repairing gums. Casein phosphopeptide is also a new type of nutritional product developed focusing on improving the absorption and utilization of calcium. It is one of the bioactive peptide food additives that has been industrialized so far. Compared with VD, it has a higher absorption rate and has no toxic and side effects. It can also improve the absorption rate of other divalent minerals such as zinc and iron. Casein phosphopeptide can promote passive diffusion absorption of unsaturated calcium in the lower small intestine, which is not affected by age and VD.
Casein phosphopeptides can be used in various nutritional and health foods, and can effectively promote the absorption and utilization of calcium, iron, zinc and other divalent mineral nutrients by the human body.
Casein phosphopeptides can be used in infant formula food and complementary food; it can also be used in prepared milk, flavored fermented milk, grain and grain products and beverages, etc.

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