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Cabinda Extract

Factory Supply Cabinda Extract 10:1/Cabinda Bark Extract/Pausinystalia Macroceras Extract/Pau de cabinda powder.

Manufacturer provide Cabinda Extract Powder for Male Sexual Enhancement.Our products have been certificated with the ISO certificate, we can provide the free sample.

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Cabinda Extract(Cabinda Bark Extract Powder) Supply,Price,COA

Other Nmae: Cabinda Bark Extract; Pausinystalia Macroceras Extract; Pau de cabinda powder
Binomial Name: Pausinystalia macroceras(K.Schum)
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
Specification: 10:1
Used Part: Bark
Test Method: UV
Active Ingredient: Yohimbe

Production Process
Selected raw materials --- Cleaned raw materials --- Extracted three times --- Concentrated --- Sprayed into powder --- Sieved sterilized --- Packaged

1. The alkaloids contained in cabinda bark can help stimulate the central nervous system and enhance libido, helping to improve male sexual dysfunction;
2. The bark extract can be used to fight impotence;
3. It directly acts on the male hypothalamus and pituitary gland, stimulates the secretion of autologous hormones, and improves various physiological functions of males;
4. It is shown to be a powerful antioxidant;
5. Improve body immunity;
6. Anti-fatigue, reduce anxiety and stress in life;
7. Anti-aging, adjust physical condition, maintain health and vitality;

Description About Cabinda Extract
Cabinda Extract comes from the bark of an Angola tree called Pausinystalia macroceras.This bark is famous for its powerful effect of improving sexual function, commonly known as aphrodisiac.It has traditionally been used as a stimulant and aphrodisiac in West Africa and South America,is often promoted in dietary supplements for treating impotence, stimulating male sexual performance and enhancing athletic performance.
The active ingredients of Cabinda Extract can act on the male pituitary gland, stimulate the secretion of hormones, improve various physiological functions, and also have a certain effect of relieving physical fatigue and reducing anxiety. By relieving physical fatigue, reducing anxiety and stress in life, increasing body energy, improving the body's immune capacity, and keeping the body in good passion and motivation, it helps to promote the quality of married life.
Cabinda Extract can not only help all of us to effectively enhance the body's physique, but also play a very good health care effect.
Cabinda Extract is actually a very important aphrodisiac health care product ingredient, especially for our male friends, taking some health care products of cabinda extract properly in our daily life can not only help our male friends to effectively strengthen the body and resist diseases ability. It can also prevent the appearance of some diseases, and also help our male friends to have a good aphrodisiac effect.

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