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Factory Supply Enzyme Bromelain Powder 50000u/g from Pineapple for Food Grade.
Bulk Quantity Supplier of Good Quality Bromelain Extract Powder for Wholesale Purchase.

All of our ingredients meet strict quality and food safety standards, and surpass industry standards for purity and cleanliness.

Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
All pictures & informations are for reference only. The actual goods in kind prevail.
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Botanical Source: Pineapple
Specification: 50000u/g
Appearance: Light yellow Powder or White Powder

1. Reduce inflammation and swelling;
2. Improve immune function;
3. Accelerates wound healing;
4. Relieve sinusitis symptoms;
5. Promote blood flow;
6. Can enhance the absorption of drugs and nutrients;
7. Can prevent cardiovascular disease;
8. Can inhibit the growth of tumor cells;

1. Application in food processing industry:
1. Baked goods: Bromelain is added to the dough to degrade the gluten, and the dough is softened for easy processing. And can improve the taste and quality of biscuits and bread.
2. Cheese: used for the coagulation of casein.
3. Meat tenderization: Bromelain hydrolyzes the macromolecular protein of meat protein into easily absorbed small molecular amino acid and protein. It can be widely used in the finishing of meat products.
2. Application in medicine and health care products industry:
1. Inhibit the growth of tumor cells
Clinical studies have shown that bromelain can inhibit the growth of tumor cells.
2. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
Bromelain as a proteolytic enzyme is beneficial for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It inhibits heart attacks and strokes caused by platelet aggregation, relieves symptoms of angina, eases arterial constriction, and accelerates the breakdown of fibrinogen.
3. For burn and scab removal
Bromelain can selectively exfoliate the skin so that new skin transplantation can be carried out as soon as possible. Animal experiments have shown that bromelain has no adverse effect on adjacent normal skin. Topical antibiotics did not affect the effect of bromelain.
4. Anti-inflammatory effect
Bromelain is effective in treating inflammation and edema in various tissues, and bromelain has the potential to activate inflammatory responses. Bromelain also treats diarrhea.
5. Improve drug absorption
Combining bromelain with various antibiotics can improve its efficacy. Relevant studies have shown that it can promote the transmission of antibiotics at the site of infection, thereby reducing the amount of antibiotics administered. It is inferred that for anticancer drugs, there is a similar effect. In addition, bromelain promotes the absorption of nutrients.

Description About Bromelain
Bromelain is a pure natural plant protease obtained from pineapple fruit peel, core and other parts by biotechnology.
Bromelain is a nutraceutical that helps the body absorb antibiotics and reduces gastrointestinal side effects. However, if you are allergic to antibiotics, eating pineapple at the same time can increase allergic symptoms to antibiotics.
The elements in bromelain are absorbed by the human body very fast, and the price is not very high, so it is very suitable for some people with insufficient nutritional intake. Bromelain interferes with the enzyme system and can effectively protect the stomach acid of the digestive tract. As a natural digestive enzyme, bromelain can be used as a dietary supplement to promote digestion and relieve intestinal burden. However, it is not suitable for people with gastrointestinal inflammation, otherwise they will be affected by the side effects of bromelain.

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