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Beef Liver Extract Powder

Supply Nutritional Supplements Beef Liver Extract Powder.
What is liver extract used for? Beef Liver Powder supplement benefits as tablets, pills, capsules and powders.

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MOQ  1 kg
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Supply Nutritional Supplements Beef Liver Extract Powder

Other name: Bovine Liver Extract;Liver Extract
Source: Bubalusbubalis Linnaeus
Specification: Beef liver peptide 98%
Appearance: off-white powder

1. Immune function,anti-oxidation, anti-aging
2. Improve fertility
3. Improves energy
4. Strengthen liver protection
Maintain the integrity of liver cells, improve cell immunity, prevent toxins from penetrating and destroying liver cell membranes, and prevent cell degeneration or necrosis.
5. Promote regeneration
Promote protein synthesis and liver cell regeneration, repair, damaged liver cells, and restore the normal function of the liver.
6. Disease prevention
It is beneficial to lipid metabolism, improve the regeneration ability of liver cells, and reduce the probability of liver cell lesions.
7. Detox and detoxify
Promote bile secretion and quickly excrete toxic substances.

Powder supplement as tablets, pills, capsules and powders

Harvesting and storage: the liver is taken by caesarean section when slaughtering cattle, washed, dried, crushed, extracted, and spray dried.

Description About Beef Liver Extract Powder
Beef Liver Extract is nutrient dense and has numerous health benefits. In addition to their good vitamin profile, animal livers such as beef liver are also rich in minerals, including zinc, iron, phosphorus, selenium, and copper.
Beef Liver Extract is a nutritious food item that is naturally high in protein, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.
Beef Liver Extract contains vitamin B, which can play a role in detoxification. Regular consumption of beef liver in moderation can promote the excretion of toxins in the body. Beef Liver Extract is also rich in iron, which can promote the synthesis of hemoglobin, play a good role in replenishing blood, and can prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia. Beef Liver Extract is rich in vitamin A, which can not only maintain the health of the skin, but also protect the eyes and prevent vision loss. Moreover, Beef Liver Extract also contains vitamin C and selenium, which have good antioxidant effects. Regular consumption can not only resist aging, improve human immunity, but also has certain anti-tumor effects.
Therefore, eating a balanced diet that contains beef liver can provide many health benefits and help support the immune system, the nervous system, growth, development, and reproductive health.

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