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Bcaa 2: 1: 1 Muscle Growth Fitness Capsule GMP Certified

Place of Origin  China
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The human body needs a stable supply of amino acids, as protein renewal (especially surrounding movement) changes constantly. During exercise, the increased oxidation of BCAA is generally considered to be a signal that the body stops protein synthesis in muscle. The body uses BCAAs to maintain energy and produce glucose during exercise. After the acute resistance exercise, oxidation continued. Then taking BCAA capsules is necessary for athletic men.
BCAA functions:
There is a competitive relationship between BCAA and tryptophan entering the brain. Tryptophan is the production of serotonin (5-ht) in the brain, which leads to central fatigue. Therefore, there is only one indicator: BCAA / 5 ht, the lower the value, the weaker the body's ability to resist central fatigue. During exercise, the metabolism of BCAA is accelerated, and the fastest metabolism of all free amino acids is of course accelerated in the brain. If the BCAA content is low, the BCAA / 5-ht value will decrease and be prone to fatigue.
Application1: To enhance anti-fatigue ability and improve exercise effect, supplement BCAA before and during long-term and moderate exercise.
Application 2: Supplementing BCAA after exercise can help eliminate fatigue. Although the effect is obviously not as good as glutamine (l-glu), it is absolutely necessary to promote muscle tissue repair.
2. Anti-muscle failure
Over a long period of time (usually more than 45 minutes), when muscle glycogen is consumed in large quantities, the proportion of amino acids involved in energy supply will double (up to 10% to 15%). The speed and efficiency of BCAA energy supply is the highest of all amino acids. Therefore, high BCAA levels in muscle cells are important for the breakdown of antagonist muscle structural proteins.
3. Promote muscle recovery
Because BCAA is used as an essential amino acid during exercise, BCAA is obviously involved in the repair of various tissues, especially muscle tissue.
Application 3: To protect muscles and reduce muscle failure during training, BCAA should be taken before exercise. Taking BCAA after exercise can promote protein synthesis and help the body recover.

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