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Ashitaba Extract

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Factory supply Ashitaba Extract Powder/Ashitaba Leaf Extract/Angelica Keiskei Extract 99%.

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
Payment Term  T/T 100% paid in advance
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Other Name: Ashitaba Leaf Extract; Angelica Keiskei Extract; Ashitaba Powder
Botanical Name: Angelica keiskei (Miq.) Koidz.
Part Used: Whole plant
Appearance: Fine green powder
Test Method: UV
Specification: 99%

1. It has the effect of anti-cancer, preventing cell aging and regulating chronic diseases;
2. Enhance human immunity, antibacterial, anti-blood clot, cancer treatment, anti-ulcer, anti-HIV, etc.
3. It can inhibit the central nervous system;
4. Can promote insulin secretion, lower blood sugar, suitable for people with high blood sugar;
5. Reduce cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, lower blood pressure, protect cardiovascular;
6. It can protect the liver, reduce the burden on the liver, and improve the function of the liver;
7. It has the effect of promoting lactation;

Description About Ashitaba Extract
Ashitaba Extract is extracted from Angelica keiskei, which can prevent obesity by regulating lipid metabolism in adipose tissue and liver.
Ashitaba Extract can resist diabetes, protect pancreatic cells and vascular endothelial cells, reduce fat and lose weight, fight cancer, resist oxidation and protect islet cell damage, inhibit bacteria and improve gastrointestinal function, enhance immunity and relieve fatigue.
Ashitaba Extract can achieve the effect of anti-aging, because the content of protein and dietary fiber in it will be more, which is conducive to the supplement of nutrients in the skin, so as to achieve the effect of anti-aging.
Ashitaba Extract has the effect of promoting lactation, mainly to stimulate the secretion of milk, which is beneficial to improve the symptoms of low milk, increase milk, and improve milk quality.
Ashitaba Extract can achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure, and can be used to treat high blood pressure to help improve dizziness or malignant symptoms caused by high blood pressure.

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