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Armillaria Mellea Mushroom Extract

Manufacturer Supply Health Supplement Armillaria Mellea Extract/Honey Mushroom Extract/Honey Agaric Extract/Honey Fungus Extract/Armillaria Extract Powder for Immunity Enhancement.

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Manufacturer Supply Armillaria Mellea Mushroom Extract(Honey Mushroom,Honey Agaric,Honey Fungus)

Other name: Honey Mushroom Extract ; Honey Agaric Extract;Honey Fungus Extract; Armillaria Extract;Armillaria Mellea Mushroom Extract
Botanical Name: Armillaria mellea (Vahl) P. Kumm.
Part Used: Fruit body /Mycelium
Appearance: Brown yellow fine Powder
Active Constituents: Beta-D glucan, Vitamin B groups, and 15 amino acid.

1. Cure kinds of megrims and neurasthenia, insomnia, tinnitus and limbs anesthesia;
2. Has anti-convulsion and anti-inflammation effects;
3. Enhance human immunity,as an “immunomodulator” it can either up-regulate or down-regulate the immune system in response to external stimuli;
4. Antioxidant and immunomodulation activities,helps to neutralise free radicals, protecting the body from the damage caused by oxidative stress;
5. Naturally antibiotic,show strong action against gram-positive bacteria such as; Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Enterococcus etc, as well as yeasts and other fungi;
6. Stabilises blood sugar,lower high blood sugar,protect your body against “insulin resistance”;

1. Applied in foods field.
2. Applied in health care products field.

Description About Armillaria Mellea Extract
Armillaria Mellea Extract is rich in nutrients and have medicinal value. According to reports, dried mushrooms contain 11.4% crude protein, 5.2% fat, 75.9% carbohydrates, 5.8% cellulose, 7.5% ash and 384 kcal of calories. The fruit body also contains D-sulerol, vitamin A, etc., which are effective in treating waist and leg pain, rickets, and epilepsy.
Armillaria Mellea Extract contains the beta D-glucan, Vitamin B groups and 15 amino acids. Due to its intra-cellular beta glucan contents, the honey mushroom extracts helps protect the cell from free radical oxidation damages as well as maintain a healthy immune response.
Armillaria Mellea Extract can prevent vision loss, night blindness, dry skin, and enhance the body's resistance to certain respiratory and digestive tract infectious diseases.
Armillaria Mellea Extract has anti-tumor effects, enhances immunity, anti-aging effects, improves the body's ability to tolerate hypoxia, lowers blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, etc.

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