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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Other Name: Deproteinized Calf Blood Extract
Botanical Source: Bovine blood
Appearance: Light yellow clear liquid
Assay: 80%

Pharmacological Action
1. Increase the intake rate and utilization of glucose;
2. Increase the uptake and utilization of oxygen, thereby directly promoting cell metabolism and improving the energy state of cells;
3. It has a synergistic effect with various growth factors, promotes the proliferation of various tissues, and has the effect of antithrombin;

1. It is used for cerebrovascular disease, cerebral ischemic attack, traumatic brain injury and the sequelae of organic cerebral disease, and it can also be used for early Alzheimer's disease;
2. For the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy, diseases caused by peripheral blood flow disorders (such as arterial vascular disease, diabetic gangrene, leg ulcers) etc;
3. For skin transplantation, skin burns, scalds, erosions, and skin and mucous membrane injuries caused by trauma, bedsores or radiation;
4. It can be used for gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
5. It can treat canthus ulcers, eye membrane injuries, burns, bullous keratitis, nerve paralytic keratitis, corneal and conjunctival degeneration caused by various factors;

Description About Actovegin
Actovegin is a sterile solution containing inorganic substances and small molecular organic substances prepared from fresh calf blood or serum by deproteinization, concentration, ultrafiltration or dialysis. This product is a light yellow clear liquid with a relative density of 1.0239 to 1.0263.
Actovegin is a biological preparation, mainly used to improve blood circulation in the brain and nutritional disorders,such as ischemia damage, neurological deficit caused by traumatic brain injury, peripheral arteries, venous circulation disorders and arterial vascular diseases caused by them, and leg ulcers are also effective. For skin transplantation, skin burns, scalds, ulcers, and radiation-induced skin and mucous membrane damage can also be used.

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