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Acer Truncatum Extract

Supplier Best Price Acer Truncatum Extract Nervonic Acid 90% for Enhance memory & Brain Nutrition.

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Place of Origin  China
MOQ  1 kg
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Supplier Best Price Acer Truncatum Extract Nervonic Acid 90%

Botanical Name: Acer truncatum Bunge
Specification: Nervonic Acid 90%
Active Ingredient: Nervonic Acid
Part Used: Seed
Appearance: White powder

1. Activating brain cells to improve brain vitality;
2. Prevent aging and reduce brain damage;
3. Improve skin antioxidant and anti-aging;
4. Prevent and avoid brain atrophy;
5. Improve memory;
6. Prevent Alzheimer's;
7. Prevent hyperlipidemia;

Description About Acer Truncatum Extract
Acer Truncatum Extract is rich in various active substances including nervonic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, vitamin E, etc. that are beneficial to the human body, as well as extremely important and valuable nutritional and health care ingredients.
Another major role in Acer Truncatum Extract is its antioxidant activity. Because it contains a large amount of natural antioxidant vitamin E, as well as other vitamins, tocopherols, polyphenols and other ingredients, it can effectively achieve antioxidant effects, improve skin, reduce skin aging and dullness, delay aging, and is more suitable for women to improve their skin. It has high edible and health effects.
Acer Truncatum Extract contains an amazing substance - nervonic acid. It is recognized by scientists from all over the world as a dual-effect substance that can repair and unblock damaged brain nerve pathways - nerve fibers, and promote nerve cell regeneration. Nervonic acid is a core natural component of brain nerve fibers and nerve cells. It was first discovered to be a special substance found in the world that can promote the repair and regeneration of damaged nerve tissue. It is an essential "advanced nutrient" for the growth, redevelopment and maintenance of nerve cells, especially brain cells, optic nerve cells, and peripheral nerves. Nervonic acid is difficult for the human body to generate by itself, and can only be supplemented by external intake.
Acer Truncatum Extract can improve memory, improve brain function, and can also concentrate and relieve brain fatigue.

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